Benefit Sugarlicious Lip & Cheek Set | Review

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Hello Ladies! I hope you're all well and have had an amazing week. I really can't believe that it's September all ready, this year is really flying by, it seems like just last week that we were all celebrating new year! Anyway, today I'm back with yet another Benefit review. If you saw my recent 'Benefit Cosmetics Starter Kit' post then you'll know that I recently picked up the Sugarlicious Cheek and Lip Kit, which is just too cute!

The kit contains everything you need for your cheeks and lips and comes with some seriously cute little deluxe sample sizes. The kit includes their famous Benetint which is a rosy pink/red lip and cheek stain, Highbeam with is one of my favourite highlighters, Sugarbomb boxed blush and the matching Sugarbomb lipgloss. Benefit describe this kit as being 'deliciously nude' and I would have to agree. This selection of products creates the perfect peachy nude look and the kit contains everything you need to vary up the looks you want to create a little bit. 

I like how Benefit have included their Benetint into this kit, as it allows you to layer the gloss and blush on top of the tint to create a more pigmented look, or you can skip this step to create a more subtle nude look. The kit also comes with a 'Tips & Tricks' booklet which unfolds to reveal a good size mirror. I think the Tips & Tricks idea is great if you are just getting into make up, or if you haven't tried much from the brand. 

Overall, I love this little kit and I'm already wanting to pick up some of the others - I love the look of the Bronzed Champions and Feelin' Dandy kits! I think it would make the perfect gift for someone, or as a gift for yourself if you're like me (i.e very guilty of over treating yourself). It's also a great way to try out a lot of their products for a cheaper price than buying them all individually, as the sample sizes are very generous. Also, you can remove the inside packaging once your done with it all and it turns into a cute little storage box!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x 


  1. Such a lovely little kit! Sugarbomb is a gorgeous shade, although abit too pale for my skintone! I really want to try Benetint!
    xprincessjas | x

  2. I love Benefit's kit, this one especially looks amazing! I think all of the products together would create such beautiful, luminous skin.

  3. This is right up my street I love shimmer and illuminating and now I want this so bad! xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  4. This is such a cute set! I really want to try a Benefit set, they're all so adorable. I'm loving your posts lately Becky :)

    India /Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. Oh how pretty! That lip gloss looks super pretty. Benefit is the best!

  6. This is such a nice kit, I must get it!
    I've just finished my first blog post, I'd love if you could go check it out?:)

  7. Love that you get such nice little bits go each thing to try and all such amazing products.

  8. I love this post!check out my blog please everyone, it would mean a lot!

  9. The colors are beautiful!

  10. I love everything that comes in this kit, the colours are all so gorgeous x



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