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Monday, 24 November 2014

Hello Beauties! I was thinking the other day about how much my life has changed since starting Lipgloss & Lashes and all of the things which I owe to my little corner of the internet and I thought it would be nice to share some of thing things I've learnt with you all. I'd love to know what you've all learnt if you're a blogger so please let me know in the comments below!

1. It's okay to believe in yourself 

When I started Lipgloss & Lashes I had zero self confidence. I'd come out of a bad relationship and lost a lot of my friends through this, which completely shattered my self confidence. I had grown to believe that I was unable to achieve and that I had nothing to be proud of, and starting my blog has completely changed that. I still have a long way to go before I would call myself a confident person but my confidence has definitely improved in leaps and bounds since I started my blog. I no longer feel like I have to hide my blog from people and am quite open about it, although some people will never understand. So I just want to say a bit thank you to everyone who supports me on here and leaves me comments, I may not always have the time to reply because final year Uni is the toughest thing I've ever taken on, but I read every single one and every lovely comment makes me the happiest girl. 

2. Haters Gonna Hate

It's inevitable that not everyone you meet in life will like you, harsh but true. Throughout my life I've always had people who have hated me for one reason or another, and thats okay as it's just a fact of life. However, once you start putting yourself out there on the internet, that hate then intensifies. You then get people who you've never met hating on you for reasons such as 'her forehead is too big'. I did fall victim to this earlier this year and at the time it did upset me, but I haven't let that stop me and it's definitely taught me to deal with hate and nastiness in new ways. I'm no longer phased when people don't like me and it doesn't upset me anymore, you just have to be you and the ones that matter will stick around. 

3. Blogging girls (and boys) are some of the nicest you'll ever meet

When I started my blog, I never thought that I would meet friends through my blog. I've met some lovely girls through blogging at events or just as 'internet friends' and I couldn't be happier. I think because everyone has something in common, it makes getting along so much easier and I can honestly say that everyone I've met through blogging have been super nice and I see myself being friends for years, even if we quit blogging. Now that I don't live in London, it is a lot harder to meet blogging friends, but hopefully I will get the change to meet some Bournemouth and Southampton bloggers soon!

4. Being a blogger isn't as glamorous as it may seem

Before starting a blog, all I saw were the glossy Instagram photos of bloggers in all their glory, now that I am actually a blogger I realise that this is only half of the story. The Instagram pictures only show you the pretty side of blogging, when all we do is sip champagne and swatch lipsticks but in reality were all just sat in bed tapping away at our keyboards. And if were not doing that, were scouring the house looking for the perfect lighting for blog photos. Being a blogger is hard work and time consuming but for me its a labour of love, I really wouldn't have it any other way. 

5. Others will never understand why you do it

I've spoken to plenty of people about my blog, from all walks of life and while the most part is supportive, a lot of people will just not understand why you would want to write about things in your spare time. Everyone is different and I never question people who play sports in their spare time, and I guess blogging is just my 'sports', as in its my hobby - I don't actually think blogging is a sport, unless you could the 'yoga' positions we get ourselves into to take the perfect shot of an eyeshadow!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x


  1. Love this post! So true and some of the things we just have to go through. I'm only new, but my confidence is building weekly :) You point 5 is quite true, but we love it so much who cares if they don't "get" it :)

  2. What a lovely post and thank you for sharing! I love blogging so much, and just over a year after I started it's definitely had a big effect on my life too, especially in the way of giving me a bit more confidence, which is something I've never had before. Sadly I don't ever get to go to meet up, being all the way over in Wales, it's far too expensive to get to London, I hope there will be some events nearer here at some point as I would so love to meet with other bloggers too :-) Hugs, Dani

  3. Hahahaha the yoga positions we get into for the sake of's so true! We do deffinatley go a bit crazy with the camera angles...

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. Love this post, everything you've mentioned is 100% true, especially #1 and #5. Not everyone will understand the point of blogging, a lot of my friends still don't!

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic

  5. Very true! this is all so relate-able for fellow bloggers!

  6. I agree with you on all these points. It's definitely a labour of love! Sometimes I complain to myself about bits of blogging, but then I'd miss it if it wasn't there!xx

  7. I have to admit, I usually scroll past posts like this but I'm so glad I clicked on yours, I really enjoyed reading it. I relate to a lot of it, especially the last one. Good luck with your last year of uni! xx


  8. Such an honest and 100% accurate post, loved it!

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  10. I keep my blog on the DL because I would never be able to get people to understand my motivations!

  11. Love love love and agree with this, there will always be haters and they are grumpy and miserable anyway so screw emmmmmm and so many people don't understand BUT it's the brands and people who do that are important xxx


  12. Great post and totally agree!!!

  13. Lovely post, and so true! No one ever gets blogging, although it's much more popular now than when I started. Everyone seems to want to blog now! xo
    amber love

  14. love your post it made me smile and it is so true :)


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