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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and are looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! Caudalie aren't a brand which I have tried many products from, mainly as they're quite hard to find where I live, however I am a big fan of their Divine Oil. So when I heard that this was also available as a scrub, I jumped at the chance to try it. 

The Caudalie Divine Scrub* smells heavenly. It smells very similar to the oil, if you've ever smelt that and has a beautiful light, floral, spa-like scent which lingers on your skin after use. This is a sugar scrub and contains brown sugar to help scrub away and dead skin cells and I have to say, it works brilliantly. It's not an extremely rough scrub so it would be perfect for sensitive skin, but you can still feel it working which is what I look for in my exfoliators. However, what I really like about this scrub is how moisturising it feels. The Caudalie Divine Scrub contains Grape, Argan, Hibiscus and Sesame oils to help soften your skin and they really do work. My skin has never felt as soft as it did after using this scrub. It was like a whole new skin, and I really didn't feel the need to moisturise after using this scrub which is perfect if you're lazy like me!

At first the scrub is quite thick, but after a few seconds it starts to melt like butter into your skin which allows you to really work with the scrub - perfect for scrubbing off any old fake tan you may have lingering on your skin! 

Overall, I really love this scrub and it's a very welcome edition to my shower. The plant oils also make it perfect for winter time when your skin needs a little moisture boots to combat the central heating effect. 

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x 


  1. This sounds lovely! I'm not all too into scrubs but this does sound good x

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. I'm such a scrub fan. Whenever my skin is looking a little dull a scrub does wonders and my makeup just applies more nicely! This one in particular sounds amazing.

  3. I need to get into scrubs- i've used a few before and they make my skin feel so soft! This one sounds amazing, deffo going on my list. x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. Sounds lovely I've never tried anything by this brand before but all the ingredients sound amazing, maybe the only downside is the pot looks quite small

    Laura// xx

    1. The pot is actually quite big compared with other scrubs I own, I think it's just my zoomed out photographs which are making it look small - sorry! X

  5. I really like when scrubs are gentle and give us moisture too. This one sounds pretty amazing, have to check it out in the future ;) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  6. I love the sound of this, it sounds like a perfect scrub to have x

  7. Sounds like a lovely scrub! I like the fact it's moisturising too.
    Alex //

  8. Looks like wonderful product to get rid of dead skin in winters :)


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