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Friday, 7 November 2014

Hello Lovelies! If you read one of my recent posts, then you'll know that I'm a complete foundation junkie (and proud). The most recent addition to my ever growing foundation collection is the L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Tient. I decided to pick this up after trying a sample of the new YSL foundation as I'd heard that they had some similar qualities. I liked how thin and weightless the YSL foundation was but it didn't last long enough on my skin for me to justify the price, and I saw that this foundation was offering the same thin and weightless feel so off I went to the till. 

First things first, the packaging. The L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Tient comes in a small, thin glass bottle which I actually really like. It is a lot smaller than most foundations out there and you do only get 20ml instead of your usual 30ml but this foundation is perfect for popping in your handbag or for travelling. 

The foundation claims to be a feather light foundation which feel as light and fresh as water. It claims to instantly fuse with skin, blending seamlessly to provide a silky second skin effect. Now these are some pretty big claims to be making and for the most part, I think it does quite well to live up to expectations. Before you use the foundation you really have to shake the bottle well, as it does have a tendency to separate in the bottle and the packaging does advise that you give it a good shake before use. The formula really is super thin and light, and it does have a similar consistency to water.

But does it really blend effortlessly to create a second skin effect? I have to say that this foundation was super easy to blend and you really couldn't see it on your skin. However, the shade range and coverage it offers aren't brilliant. I have the lightest shade and it's still a little too dark for me (I wear NW13 in MAC for reference) which isn't too much of a problem as I find that it blends in so easily that you can hardly notice, but it would still be nice if drugstore brands offered a wider range of shades for us paler ladies. Also, I was a little disappointed by the coverage. It's definitely a light, sheer coverage which I think you could build up to just about medium, but it would take quite a lot of effort, so I mainly reserve this foundation for 'no makeup' days and days where I feel I have good enough skin. 

Another thing I really like about this foundation is the liquid to powder effect. I really struggle with my oily skin and I find that this foundation lasts a good couple of hours, giving me a soft matte finish..more along the lines of 'matte but not flat' so it's perfect for my oily skin as long as I set it with powder. 

Overall, I do like this foundation as I hate the feel of heavy 'sticky' foundations but it would be so much better if it offered just smidge more coverage for me personally. I think you'd really like this foundation if you don't feel the need to completely cover your skin but you just want something to help even everything out and reduce any redness. I think it would be the perfect foundation for school days too as it's nothing too heavy or detectable. 

What is your favourite drugstore foundation? I'd love to know which one to pick up next!

Lots of Love, 

Becky x x 


  1. I had a sample of this and really enjoyed it for the reasons you mentioned. I never picked up the full size for some reason, but this review definitely reminded me of all of it's great qualities.


  2. I find that this can be too oily on my skin , but I do still use it but lock it in with powder. Xoxo


  3. I tried this foundation but couldn't get on with it, the coverage was too light for me xx


  4. I quite like this foundation, although I do agree that there aren't enough shades! xx

  5. Great review, loads of people love and rave about this foundation. I have dry skin so I don't thinks its the right kind of finish for me however it does sound a nice lightweight foundation.


  6. I love this one too and I know what you mean about other foundations being too sticky.

  7. Love the sound of this, it sounds like a perfect everyday foundation!
    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  8. No.7 Beautifully Matte Foundation is really nice,it provides good coverage and they also colour match your skin to the best shade for you which is really useful :)


  9. I love the glass bottle, it looks so luxurious! It sounds lovely too. I normally use BB creams actually, as I hate the heavy feel of foundations too.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  10. I like it!!!!


  11. It sounds amazing but my skin is so light I don't think I could match up, wah :( xx


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