Tarte 12hr Amazonian Clay Blusher in 'Doll Face' | Review & Swatches

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Too Faced Amazonian Clay Blusher in Doll Face Review

Too Faced Amazonian Clay Blusher in Doll Face Review

Hello Beauties! So it's happened again, yet another Tarte blusher has slipped and landed in my make up collection, taking the total up to 8 - definitely more than any one person needs but I just can't help myself around Tarte blushers. If you've been reading my blog for a while now, then you'll already know about my little obsession with the Tarte 12hr Amazonian Clay Blushers, but I think I've just found my new favourite. 

When my parents went to Canada, they kindly did a little Sephora shop for me and after stalking hundreds of swatches online I decided to add the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blusher in 'Dollface' to my shopping list. 

Dollface is an easy to wear everyday light pink shade which means I get a lot of use from it. It's a matte cool toned pink which, unlike my other Tarte blushers, applies quite sheer at first but can be built up if you like your blusher a little brighter. At first I wasn't sure if I liked how sheer it was, as I've come to expect a certain level of pigmentation from Tarte blushers, however this blusher has really grown on me in recent weeks and has now become one of my all time favourite everyday shades. The fact that it applies quite sheer means that its virtually impossible to make a mistake with this blusher - I'm sure we've all been there with the clown cheeks! As this is light, its super easy to blend in, leaving you with a naturally pink flush which isn't too heavy for everyday wear. 

I'm a pink blusher girl through and through, but if you're slightly scared of pink blusher for fear of ending up like Barbie, I'd definitely say that Dollface by Tarte is a good place to start your love affair with pink blushers. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Vs Urban Decay Naked Palette | Which should you buy?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette or Naked Palette which is better

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette or Naked Palette which is better

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette or Naked Palette which is better

Hello Beauties! If you read my recent review of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette (here) which was basically an essay, then you'll know that I got a whole lotta love for that palette and rightly so - isn't it just stunning? But I had a lot of questions sent in to me about how it compared to the Naked palette from Urban Decay, and as most people can't afford two high end neutral palettes in one go (I know I couldn't!), I thought I'd pop up a little blog post comparing the two and letting you all know which one I think is be better buy. 

First off, lets start off with the packaging. I love the packaging of the Too Faced palette, it's cute, sturdy and it keeps my eyeshadows well protected. On the other hand, I absolutely hate the packaging of the Naked palette. Whoever thought it was a good idea to use velvet on the outside of a make up palette needs to take a long hard look at themselves, its impossible to keep clean (I should know, I dedicate an unnecessary amount of hours to cleaning my make up!) and within a week of owning the palette, it looked so much older than some of the palettes that I'd had for years. However, the Naked palette does come with a brush, and a decent one at that - not a single foam applicator in sight! This isn't really a deal breaker for me though, as I always use my own brushes anyway, but I appreciate that if your brush collection is small, then this would be a nice added extra. 

As you can see, my Naked palette has been well loved. It's looking pretty dirty and one of the shades is now completely empty (sob). I bought this palette last year and it was my first high end neutral palette and I think I've used at least one of the shades everyday without fail, so I definitely got my moneys worth with that one! It comes with 12 shades, most of which are various shade of brown and gold with a few darker shades thrown in for good measure. The Too Faced Palette on the other hand, contains 16 shades and definitely has a wider variety of colours within the palette which is one of the main reasons I prefer it over the Naked palette. I feel that with the Too Faced palette, you get so many more options which allow you to create looks other than your standard (albeit very pretty) neutral looks. 

Formula-wise I couldn't choose between the two. Both palettes contain buttery, pigmented shadows with blend seamlessly. Too Faced and Urban Decay produce some of my favourite eyeshadows along with MAC so you really can't go wrong with either formula-wise. They're also pretty much dead on price-wise too which does make it harder to choose (although you get more shades in the Too Faced offering). 

But overall, if I was faced with choosing between the two, I'd go for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette hands down. Now I'm not saying that I don't like the Naked Paette - it's still one of my favourites, I just think that the Too Faced Chocolate Bar has so much more to offer for the price. It has more shades, the packaging is better and the formula is wonderful and it's definitely a palette I will get a lot of use of year round. 

I hope this post has helped answer any of your questions regarding the similarities of the two! They are both stunning palettes, so whichever you go for will be a good choice, I just think that one has slightly more to offer than the other. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

Debenhams Flowers Valentines Day Range | Review & Discount Code

Monday, 26 January 2015

Debenhams Flowers Valentines Gift

Debenhams Flowers Valentines Gift

Debenhams Flowers Valentines Gift

Debenhams Flowers Valentines Gift

Hello Beauties! Now I know what you're all thinking...haven't we only just had New Year? Well yes, it is still technically January, but Valentines Day really is only just around the corner and it's never too early to sort out any gifts, especially if you're thinking of buying flowers for a special someone as it is the busiest day of the year for flower delivery companies. I was recently contacted by Debenhams Flowers to ask if I would like to review a bunch of their Valentines Flowers, and being a girl who loves flowers (but rarely receives them), of course I said yes. 

The flowers arrived in a huge box which meant they were properly protected and none of them had been squished on their way to my house. When I opened the box I found a beautiful bouquet of 12 red roses beautifully presented in red wrapping with red ribbon tied around. I love having fresh flowers around the house and these made the perfect addition to my dressing table/vanity area and would definitely make the perfect Valentines Day gift, because nothing really says 'Valentines' like red roses. 

If you are thinking of buying these for your significant other, or want to send a hint to your partner that you'd like some flowers, then I have a little treat for you. Debenhams have kindly offered to give the readers of Lipgloss & Lashes 25% off their Valentines Day Flowers with the code: DFBLOG25

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

*Post contains PR samples

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Review & Swatches

Sunday, 25 January 2015

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

too faced chocolate bar palette review and swatches

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and have had a great weekend! I've spend most of my week cramming for my final Uni exams which start next week eek! But like any student, I've found plenty of ways to procrastinate, one of them being spending time playing with my beautiful new eyeshadow palette - the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. Seriously, no amount of heart eyed emojis could describe the beauty of this palette. 

I've had my eye on this palette for quite some time now, and after receiving 3 of the shades in the Too Faced 'Beauty Wishes & Sweet Kisses' palette which my parents bought me back from Canada, I knew it would only be a matter of time before this was on its way to me. Just a little side note here, I purchased this from Debenhams which seems to be the cheapest place around to get this palette at the moment as I only paid £39 compared to the £45 everywhere else is charging for the palette. 

First off, lets talk about the packaging. I love Too Faced not only for their high quality products but also because everything they sell is beautifully packaged and sweet as hell, and this palette is no different. The palette comes in a box designed to look like a chocolate bar wrapper and then the actual palette is designed to look like a bar of chocolate which is just adorable - they seem to have thought of everything when it comes to this palette! The actual palette itself comes in a metal tin with a magnetic clasp, which I prefer as I feel like the product inside is protected so much more than if it had been a cardboard palette, especially when your travelling. 

The palette contains 16 anti-oxidant rich cocoa infused matte and shimmer shadows, all in beautiful chocolate-y colours. They're also all named after chocolate related things and smell like chocolate which I think it just too cute. The two shades meant for highlighting - white chocolate and champagne truffle - are also larger than the other colours which I think is a good idea as these shades always seem to run out before the others. 

The thing I really love about this palette, and where most of your money goes, is the brilliant formula of the shadows. You really get what your paying for here, each shadow is equally pigmented and buttery smooth meaning that they're super easy to blend. The mattes aren't chalky and the shimmers aren't gritty so you can really tell that these are high quality eyeshadows. I also love the range of colours which Too Faced have chosen to include in this palette. Often with neutral palettes, you end up paying £40 or more for a vast array of brown shades, which is great don't get me wrong, but I feel that with this palette, you just get that little extra. 

The palette has matte browns, shimmery browns, golden browns, greeny browns, purple shades, pink shades and some copper shades on top of the two highlighters it offers which I think makes this palette really versatile. The palette does come with a little 'Glamour Guide' which tells you how to create 3 different looks with the palette, but I think that the range of colours really opens itself up to creating hundreds of looks, perfect for any time of the year. 

Overall, I love this palette (if you can't already tell!) and I know this has been a super long post, so if you made it to the end - props to you! If you love your neutral palettes or if you're looking for a neutral palette with a twist, then I urge you to try this. Too Faced have also just launched the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette too which, like this palette, comes with a heap of neutrals and a few other shades thrown in for good measure, so if purple isn't your thing, then I'd definitely recommend taking a look at that one!

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

3000 Follower International Giveaway: Win a HD Action Camera!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Hello Beauties! In December I hit 3000 followers on Bloglovin and had planned to do a giveaway to celebrate this achievement, however with all of the chaos of the festive season, exams and the fact that I couldn't decide what to give away, it unfortunately never happened. However, as I promised I would do a giveaway (once you say it on Twitter, you pretty much have to keep that promise!) I'm back today with just that! 

I wanted to thank all of my readers for their continued support, their lovely comments and sweet tweets and what better way than to give them something to say thank you? I wanted to give away something slightly different than the usual MAC Lipstick giveaway, etc and I also realise that although my readers are predominantly female, there are a few males in there who I didn't want to exclude. So I've decided to give away a Kit Vision HD Action Camera. 

I used one of these while I was away in America last summer, they're so handy as they're compact, are completely waterproof and can be attached to helmets, bikes, etc - so they're perfect for any of you with action-packed lives. However, if your slightly less adventurous, like me, then this will also be perfect for blog events as it's tiny enough to fit into any sized bag and it also takes HD photos. 

The kit comes with the camera itself, all of the camera accessories such as a bike mount, helmet mount, adaptors and a waterproof case so you can take the camera diving. I've also bought a Samsung Micro SD so you don't have to buy a thing if you win :)

This is also an International giveaway, but please bear in mind that it is a UK Camera so plug adaptors, etc will be needed to charge the camera and do not come included in the giveaway!

All you have to do to enter is fill out the Rafflecopter form below and the winner will be chosen at random and notified by email - Good Luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

New Product Launches | January 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Hello Beauties! With the New Year in full swing, many brands seemed to have upped their game when it comes to new product launches, so I thought I would let you know about a few which I've found interesting!

Too Faced Soul Mates Blusher & Bronzer Duo - Too Faced are quickly becoming my favourite make up brand, all of their products are super cute and girly, and the Soul Mates duo's are no different. They combine a luminous bronzer and blusher to give your cheeks a lovely glow. What I really love about this product though are the shade names - Carrie & Big and Ross & Rachel - how cute?! 

Clarins Instant Light Comfort Lip Oil - Claris are launching a brand new 'lip oil' as part of their Spring 2015 collection and personally, I'm very intrigued by this product. I've never tried a lip oil before and the colours do look really pretty and fresh. Also, anything that promises to be comforting for your lips is a winner with me during these colder months! 

Benefit Puff Off - This wonder eye gel from Benefit is set to launch on the 31st January and I couldn't be more excited. I'm commuting to Uni at the moment and the 6am starts combined with late nights studying have not been kind to my eyes. This eye gel from benefit is supposed to iron out puffiness with the cutest little iron applicator. Benefit kindly sent me one of these as a little surprise, so watch this space as I will be reviewing it soon! 

Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palettes - The new eyeshadow palettes from Houglass are artist inspired with seamless colour transitions which makes blending effortless and allows you to easily mix colours to achieve a completely unique eye look. The palettes come in 7 different colour combinations meaning that theres something for everyone (I love the look of the pink one!). 

Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette - Being a huge fan of the original Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette I had to include this. I have a review coming up soon all about the original palette, however Too Faced have recently launched a new version with different colour combinations. It's still a neutral palette, however instead of purple and cranberry tones, the Semi Sweet palette has some pretty blue and pink shades - definitely worth a look for all of you Too Faced fans!

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer - The Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer is a brand new 2-in-1 liquid foundation which promises to give a full coverage look in a light weight formula, so basically my dream foundation. Foundation is my make up weakness, so I'm sure it won't be long before this one makes its way into my make up bag. 

Clinique Contour Chubby Sticks - Clinique are also set to launch another version of their famous Chubby Sticks which allow you to contour your face with ease. I'm usually one for powder contouring products however these do look interesting and really easy to use if you want a defined contour. 

La Roche Posay Serozinc - This little beauty launched in the UK on the 1st January and I couldn't be happier. Having oily skin, I've wanted to try this forever but it really wasn't worth a trip to Paris just to pick it up. I have been trying this out since mid December and I can happily say that its amazing

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation - Nars are also launching another foundation for me to get excited about. This new foundation offering from Nars is oil-free and promises to deliver full, natural looking coverage with one drop (slightly optimistic?) for a lightweight finish and 16 hours worth of wear. 

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes Nylon Lash Extension Mascara - Pretty sure they could have thought of a shorter name for that! I've heard endless rave reviews about Too Faces mascaras and this new launch from the brand also looks very promising. Supposedly, this new mascara will allow you to achieve the look of eyelash extensions at home with its unique lash extension system. 

Crown Brush Travel Trios & Bronzer, Highlighter and Blush Palette - Crown Brush are a brand to watch in 2015. They have loads of new, exciting launches coming up, but the ones I'm most excited about are the travel trios and the face palette. The travel trios come in a variety of colours and allow you to create at least two looks (day and night) although if your creative and adventurous from your make up you can definitely create more than two looks. Crown Brush are also launching a face palette containing a bronzer, blusher and highlighter, so everything you need to add colour and dimension to your face. I think this palette will be heading into my shopping basket as soon as it launches! 

Make Up Revolution Naked Chocolate Palette & Highlighter Palette - Make Up Revolution are a brand I've yet to try but these latest releases are definitely tempting me. I'm a big fan of the Naked Palettes and the Chocolate Bar Palette so when I heard that Make Up Revolution had combined the two to create a hybrid palette called the Naked Chocolate palette I just had to have a look! The brand are also releasing a brand new highlighter palette containing 3 shades which are all excellent dupes for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, so if like me, you've been wanting the Hourglass ones forever but don't want to part with that much money - get down to your local Make Up Revolution stand!

Nars St Lucia Multiple - Nars will also be adding a new shade to their multiple range in the form of St Lucia. I've never tried the Nars Multiples but I've had my eye on them (Copacabana specifically) for months now. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x 

Fighting Acne | My Story, Tips, and Products To Treat Acne

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

how to cure acne; how to clear spots; acne treatments

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well, today I have a slightly different post for you today. I've wanted to talk about acne on Lipgloss & Lashes for a while now as it's something I've suffered with and I know how detrimental it can be to your self confidence, I still haven't gotten over it to this day unfortunately. However, as I've battled with it for many years, I wanted to share my story and how I managed to tame my acne. 

I developed acne very early compared to most of my friends, when I was about 12 and I'd just started High School. My school had a very strict no-makeup policy so it was pretty clear to everyone that I was the odd one out with my face covered in spots and large pores, while all of the other girls had beautiful clear skin. Being the only one for about a year, it really got me down and all I wanted to do was hide away - it affected my confidence so badly that it still hasn't recovered now. I then went on to deal with quite bad (you couldn't even see my actual skin on its worst days) acne for around 7 years before it died down a little, however it is something I do still struggle with to this day. Unless you've been through it, I don't think you really realise just how bad it is. I know it seems silly to be so affected by our skin, but I used to go home and cry when I overheard girls making comments about my skin or if they were endlessly complaining about one spot, when I had about 80 covering my entire face. I used to hate going to school discos and events as I knew I would be the odd one out. All of the girls would be all dressed up and getting loads of attention, while I was the girl that everyone laughed at (I was also quite chubby and flat chested, but thats another story). 

At the moment, my skin is pretty clear. It is in no way perfect, I still have spots, large pores and redness leftover from the acne, however it has died down and I usually only have to deal with two or 3 spots on my face at one time, so I thought I would share some tips on how I controlled my acne and gained a little of my confidence back, and hopefully this post will help some of you going through what I went through. If I can stop just one person from feeling the way I did for so many years, then all of the hours I spend on my blog will have been worth while. 

1. If you're concerned, see a Doctor

There really is no shame in going to see a Doctor about acne if you're suffering either physically or mentally, thats what they are there for. I've been going to see a Doctor (just my regular GP) about my skin for years now, and in the end it really did help me out. For the first few years I struggled through various treatments, I mean I must have tried everything, most of which either did not work, made me ill or burnt my skin, as its very sensitive, however after a couple of years I was finally put on the pill which helped to control my acne and reduce flare ups. I'm not saying that this option will be suitable for everyone, however seeing a doctor will be able to shed some light on the situation and you may be able to control it through medicine. 

2. Keep your skincare routine simple

I must have tried about every acne-fighting product out there in an effort to gain clear skin, however I've noticed that when I keep my skincare routine simple my skin reacts a lot better. I tend to exfoliate every other day with a gentle exfoliator (not one targeted at acne), use a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturiser and leave it at that. I find that when I overcomplicate my routine and pack my skin full of acne fighting products, it reacts badly and my acne flares up even worse than before. 

3. Once you've found a routine, stick to it

As frustrating as it is, most skincare products aren't instant miracle workers, so you have to give them a bit of time to really get to work on your skin. I find that now I've found a routine that works for me, sticking to it is really helping my skin to remain calm. As a beauty blogger, its easy to get sucked into trying the latest products out there, but keeping my routine the same really does help to keep acne at bay, I often find that whenever I am testing out a few new skincare products, my skin just flares up as it likes its normal routine!

4. Acne-fighting products aren't always the best

When you have acne, it's easy to get sucked into the claims that brands such as Clearasil, Clean and Clear, etc make about their products, however I find that most 'acne-fighting' products actually make mine worse. These products are often packed with acidic ingredients which strip your skin of all of its natural oils, drying it out, which in turn makes your skin produce more oil in an effort to counteract this. I also find that these products are just way too harsh, they burn my skin slightly, leaving it red and irritated, which causes my acne to flare up - not really what you want from a product claiming to do the opposite!

5. Don't dehydrate your skin

I still suffer from spots and oily skin, so I know how easy it is to strip your skin of all of its natural oils, leaving it hydrated. Often when you have acne or oily skin, it's also dehydrated. Dry and dehydrated are completely different, yet they still need to be treated. I find that using a gentle moisturising cleanser which also controls oil (Simple Foaming Face Wash is brilliant!) works best as it doesn't strip my skin making it irritated, it leaves it fresh and calm, which is what you want to get from your cleanser if you've got acne. 

6. Always wash your hands before touching your face

This one seems simple, but its something many people often forget. I'm sure I don't need to remind you about how much bacteria your hands pick up, but every time you touch your face, that then gets transferred onto your skin which can cause spots to form. Whenever I'm going to touch my face, especially my acne, I always make sure I wash my hands first. Another thing while I think about it, remember to disinfect your phone and wash your make up brushes! Those things are always pressed up against our faces and it makes me feel a little wobbly thinking of all the bacteria building up on them!

Those are all of my main tips for fighting acne, but I also thought I'd include a few products which have really helped me to clear up my skin incase you were interested:

La Roche Posay Serozinc - This spray on toner only has 3 ingredients (water, sodium chloride and zinc) so it's super gentle on your skin, but I really noticed a difference when I included this product in my skincare routine on a daily basis. It's also really good for controlling oil and shine. (Available from Escentual.com)

REN Invisible Pores Mask - I should be an ambassador for this mask the way I go on about it! I'm on my third bottle of this and I absolutely love it. When my skin is flaring up or I've been eating a lot of bad food which is breaking me out, nothing gets rid of it like this mask. I leave it on for half an hour and then the next morning my skin is pretty much clear - it's a god send!

Simple Spot Controll Moisturiser - I swear by this stuff also, it's moisturising so it won't leave your skin feeling tight and dry, however it also contains zinc which helps to fight acne and prevent spots from forming, so it works as a method of prevention and treatment. 

I hope that sharing a bit of my story (sorry I have no pictures - it made me so self conscious that I would not be in a photo for about 4 years!) and some of the ways I treated my acne has helped at least  one person! I'd love to know your tips for fighting acne if you also suffered, so please leave them below as it might help someone reading!

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

FOTD: Iced Lavender

Monday, 19 January 2015

purple eyeshadow tutorial, dior petal shine, iced lavender eyes, glittery purple eyeshadow

purple eyeshadow tutorial, dior petal shine, iced lavender eyes, glittery purple eyeshadow

purple eyeshadow tutorial, dior petal shine, iced lavender eyes, glittery purple eyeshadow

purple eyeshadow tutorial, dior petal shine, iced lavender eyes, glittery purple eyeshadow

Hello Beauties! So today I thought I would do a little 'Face of the Day' post as I haven't done one of these in what feels like forever. I also decided to put together a little 'step by step' pictorial to help any of you wanting to recreate the look, although I'm not too sure if it's worked or not, so make sure to let me know in the comments if this kind of image is useful in a FOTD post!

If any of you have been following me from the beginning, then you'll already know about my love for purple eyeshadow. It's a shade which a lot of people shy away from in favour of neutral eyes, however If you've got green/olive eyes like myself, then I urge you to try it out - it really makes your eyes pop! 

To start off, I prepped my eyes using my MAC Prep & Prime Eye Base to cancel out any redness on my eyelids and to make sure that my make up stayed in place all day. I then applied the shade 'White Chocolate' from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette all over my lid and took it right up to my brow bone (you can use any light matte shadow for this). 

For the main colours in this look, I used a Dior palette called Petal Shine, which is unfortunately discontinued, however they are doing one at the moment called Femme Fleur which is very similar to the Petal Shine palette, or if you want a more budget option, e.l.f do a 'Little Black Book' eyeshadow palette which has all of the purple shades you'll need for this look plus loads more. Firsty, I applied a purpley mauve colour through my crease and blended out, then I applied a lavender shade over my lid to brighten my eyes and make them stand out a bit more. Next I took a detailer brush (any thinner eye brush will do) and applied a dark violet shade just under my lower lash line and in the outer V of my eye, then I took a clean fluffy brush and blended this all out to create a softer look. 

Now you could leave this eyeshadow look there, which I usually do, however if you're going to an event or night out, a little glitter never goes amiss! For this I used some extra fine silver glitter which you can purchase from any fancy dress shop. To make the glitter stick to my lids, I first applied a tiny bit of MACs Mixing Medium - or you can use eyelash glue - and then dusted the glitter over my lids. Obviously, this will create a heck of a lot of fall out so I advise doing your eyes before your foundation for this look. 

To finish off the eye look I applied the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner and Maybelline The Falsies mascara to curled lashes. 

I hope you liked this make up look! If you have any suggestions of make up looks you'd like to see me do or any celebrity make up you'd like me to do a tutorial on, then please leave a comment below letting me know so I can get to work on them!

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

Maybelline Anti-Age The Eraser Concealer | Review & Swatches

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you've all had a great weekend and are enjoying a relaxing Sunday! I'm supposed to be revising for my final year exams at the moment, but instead I've ordered some cute workout wear to get me motivated to hit the gym more (and to stop my leggings falling down while I run!) and some wooden tiles to use as blog post backgrounds which I'm really excited about! I got the idea for this from the lovely Laura from Love & Liquor who posted about blog photo backgrounds today. Recently, my trusty Maybelline Fit Me concealer ran out but instead of repurchasing it again, I decided to look around and see what else I could find as I wasn't completely happy about the Fit Me Concealer (it was a little too dark and oxidised on my skin). 

I'd been hearing a lot about the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer from some of my favourite bloggers, so I thought I'd give it a go as their 'light' shade looked like a good match for my skin - I know it doesn't look like it on camera, but it really does match my foundation and under eye area perfectly! 

The concealer comes in a plastic tube, but instead of the normal doe foot applicator or similar, it has a furry/sponge-like dabber on the end (I had no idea what to call this, clearly haha). I'm not sure how hygienic this is, especially if you apply this to blemishes, but apart from that fact, I really like this applicator. It makes applying the concealer under my eyes really easy. It allows you to cover large areas quickly, or to be really precise and dab it onto a blemish without smudging concealer all over your face. 

The formula of this concealer was what really won me over though. It's a really lovely, creamy formula which blends into your skin effortlessly and the slight yellow tone in the concealer really helps to brighten my under eye area. I apply this in an upside-down triangular shape under my eye and blend out to create a more highlighted effect, which I find really helps to brighten up my complexion on those early winter mornings. 

I'm also really impressed with the coverage of this concealer. It's not a particularly thick concealer and feels weightless on the skin, so I was expecting minimal coverage, but this concealer easily covers my dark circles (it's not an easy task - trust me!) and any blemishes while remaining pretty undetectable on top of my foundation. 

If you're looking for a new concealer, I really recommend you take a look at this one. It's a great all round concealer which I think would work on all skin types. The shade range isn't huge, which is usually the case for drugstore concealers unfortunately, however for £7.99 I don't have any complaints and this product is fast reaching holy grail level for me. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

Birchbox | January 2015

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hello Beauties! I know were half way through January now but I can’t seem to get used to writing 2015 – it seems way too futuristic to me! Now that we’re well into January, it’s time I shared with you my thoughts on this months Birchbox. The new year has undoubtedly got us all thinking about our health, with many of us (myself included) setting resolutions to keep fit, lose weight and generally be more healthy. Birchbox have clearly noticed this, as this month they have partnered up with Womens Health to bring us the January ‘Hit Refresh’ box, packed with lots of little goodies to help us on our way to being healthier versions of ourselves.

The first product I saw in this months box and the one I was most excited about, is this Stila Lip Glaze in Glimmer. I love receiving make up products in subscription boxes as opposed to skincare or body care, especially when it's from high end brands like Stila. Glimmer is a beautiful shimmer peachy shade which applies so sheer that its almost clear. I really like the colour that Birchbox have included this month as I often find the lip products they include are a bit too dark for my liking, and I think that this shade is so easy to wear so would compliment a range of complexions. I have tried this product a few times now and I'm happy to report that it's super long lasting and although a little sticky, a definite winner in my books. I know that lipgloss has nothing to do with the theme, but it's always nice to have. 

Healgel is a brand I've heard tonnes about from other bloggers, but I've never had the chance to try it myself, so I was happy to receive this little sample in the January box. Healgel Body is a lightweight lotion which contains anti inflammatory ingredients to help calm and rejuvenate the skin. This all sounds great, however this is a pretty tiny sample and definitely not enough to cover my whole body so I don't think theres really enough here to make an informed judgement about how good it is. I think it would have been nice if this sample had been a little bigger. 

Another product which I was also excited to receive this month is the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radience Serum. I really like Caudalie as a brand and I've had the opportunity to try a few of their products through my Birchbox subscription and have always been impressed, so this was a pleasant surprise. After all of the partying and late nights over the holiday period, along with exam stress, my skin is in definite need of a little pick me up, so I think this is a great product to receive in this months box. Also, its a pretty decent sized sample so you can definitely judge whether you like it enough to buy the full size, unlike the Healgel sample. 

Birchbox really pulled it out of the bag this month in terms of brands which I'd like to try. Phillip Kingsley is another blogger favourite which has been on my 'to-try' list for a while now. This month Birchbox have included a sample of the 'Body Building Conditioner' which is perfect for any of you with fine or flyaway hair. I recently had a lot of hair cut off in an effort to make it healthier, so I was happy to receive this as I'm trying to find a haircare routine which works for me. 

I also received a sample of the Embrace Matcha Green Tea. Now tea in general isn't my thing, so you can imagine that green tea is no different. However, I am on a mission to lose weight this year, and I've heard that a cup of green tea a day is supposed to help with your metabolism and speed up the weight loss process, so I will be forcing this down at some point throughout the month. I also found out that it can be blended into juices and smoothies, so if you're not a green tea lover like myself, then this may be a better option. 

Finally, this months lifestyle choice is this Womens Health Pilates Band. I often find that Birchbox include pretty random lifestyle choices which have nothing to do with the theme, so I was pleasantly surprised at this months choice. I've currently injured my foot and can't go running like I'd like to, so the pilates band is helping me to still work out and increase my muscle tone without injuring myself further, so I'm really pleased that they've included it. Also, I know a lot of you are really into 'Blogilates' at the moment, so this may come in handy!

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

*contains PR samples

La Roche Posay Serozinc | Review

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well, I have some of my final exams soon so it's fair to say I've been stressing out a little lately, however, one product has really come to the rescue this month, and that's the La Roche Posay Serozinc. The La Roche Posay Serozinc has been seriously hyped up by many bloggers who have had access to it over the years, which left me a little sceptical as I often find that some products just aren't worth the hype, however I was pleasantly surprised this product. 

If you're wondering what the La Roche Posay Serozinc is, it's a zinc sulphate solution which aims to cleanse, soothe and tone the skin. It's targeted at oily and blemish prone skin, which is perfect for me as I'm now pretty fed up with battling my oily skin. It's quite a watery solution which can either be sprayed directly onto your skin (my method of choice) or applied with a cotton pad if you prefer. I use this product directly after cleansing, before I apply any serums or moisturisers which I've found to work best for my skin. 

As I mentioned, I've been stressing about my exams recently and been going through a particular time where my skin really should have broken out like crazy (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about!) and despite all of this, my skin has remained pretty clear with just the odd spot or two which is pretty normal for my skin on a good day. I used this all through the festive period and despite all of the parties, drinking and over-eating, my skin seems to have remained calm and clear - which really is a miracle for me as I've suffered with acne and problem skin for years now. 

So is it worth the hype? If you really struggle with oily or blemish prone skin then I would say it definitely is, especially now it's available in the UK. Previously, if you wanted a can of this, a trip to France would have been in order, or you'd have to pay some ridiculous amount on eBay for it. I really don't think it's worth a trip to France, but if you're in the UK I'd definitely recommend picking up a can or two. 

Serozinc is now available from Escentual, however it has been on pre-order for a couple of weeks now, so if you're interested in trying it out, you'll need to get over to Escentual pretty sharpish. It's also only £8.50, so a lot cheaper than what you'd have previously paid for it on eBay!

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

Win With Benefit and #Poreoclock!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Hello Beauties! I've been working super hard on my blog recently (so watch out for some exciting upcoming posts!), so tonight I was going to give myself a little break. However, when I received this little parcel today I just couldn't wait to share it with you all - who needs sleep anyway?! 

A little while ago, Benefit asked me if I would like to join their force of Secret Agents and accept their #poreoclock mission, of course I accepted, I aways wanted to be a spy when I was little! My assignment is to help my town or city combat the dreaded shine by creating a dedicated and passionate POREfessional army by spreading the #poreoclock love. 

The town who shows the most love for #poreoclock will win the ultimate Benefit bash - their very own pore party which will include exclusive goodies, free samples and more bubbles and sweet treats than you could shake a primer at! I will be representing Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, so if you're from the South West - get tweeting, blogging or Instagraming to show your #poreoclock love. 

By tweeting @BenefitUK with the hashtag #poreoclock you will also get the chance to become a fellow Spy Gal and be able to try POREfessional for free (who doesn't love a freebie?!). You can keep track of the nations progress on the special Spy Gal mission website: poreoclock.benefitcosmetics.co.uk and cheer your home town on! 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

Clinique Superpowder Double Face Make Up | Review & Swatches

Monday, 12 January 2015

Hello Beauties, I hope you're all well! On a recent shopping trip to Southampton I made it my mission to replace my now empty MAC Blot Powder which I was less than impressed with. Having tried a couple of powders from MAC and not being all that impressed in recent months, I decided to head over to the Clinique counter as I remember loving their powders back when I was in school. 

I explained that I had oily skin and had problems controlling the oil and covering up acne scars which I've been left with from my teenage years and I was matched to the Superpowder Double Face Make Up in Matte Beige 02. The lovely lady who served me explained that this powder would help to neutralise the oil and keep my face shine free without looking cakey and looking like I had tonnes of powder on and I'm quite pleased with the results so far. 

Having oily skin and having to touch up a lot throughout the day, I always end up looking like I've applied the whole powder compact to my face in one go which let me tell you, is not a good look. However, with the Clinique Superpowder Double Face Make Up I've noticed that I haven't had this problem and I also don't need to apply too much of the powder first thing in the morning to achieve the look I want. 

I apply this powder lightly over my foundation in the morning and it does last a couple of hours before I need to touch up, but it certainly doesn't last all day. This isn't a problem for me as it applies in such a thin layer that it's easy to apply it throughout the day without looking cakey and a light dusting is really all you need to achieve the matte look that I like. The colour I was matched to is probably just a smidge too dark for my fair skin, so when I repurchase this powder (which I definitely will) I will probably go for the slightly lighter shade. 

What I really love about this powder is that it absorbs the excess oil without absorbing my foundation along with it. I found with the MAC blot powder that about an hour after application, my foundation would have gone very patchy across my t-zone and just generally looked horrible, but this option from Clinique kept my foundation in place all day long which is no mean feat when you touch your face a lot like me (it's a bad habit which I just can't break!).  

Overall, I love this powder, I just wish I'd gone a shade lighter as it is quite noticeably dark on my skin when I haven't tanned which is most of the time. If you have oily skin which you want to balance out without looking cakey/over-matte then I'd really recommend the Superpowder Double Face Makeup from Clinique. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x
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