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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and that January is treating you well, I'm currently revising for my exams/reading for my dissertation, so my 2015 hasn't got off to the best start but I've been assured that it will all be worth it when I complete my degree. Anyway, today I thought that I would do a little brand introduction. I don't usually do these on Lipgloss & Lashes as usually I don't have enough products from one new brand to feature, however the lovely people at Zaza & Cruz sent me a few bits to test out. I've been really impressed with the products, so I thought I would share them with you all. 

Zaza & Cruz are a premium natural cosmetics brand from the Scottish Highlands. Their products are made using the finest anti-ageing organic and natural oils for the skin and never contain mineral oil, petroleum, and parabens. They also never test on animals. So if you're into your natural cosmetics, then this could be something for you!

The Radiance Facial Oil is a luxurious facial oil which is full of natural anti-ageing ingredients such as basil, neroli, lavender, camellia oil, argan oil and jojoba, which promises to leave your skin soothed and radiant and your senses relaxed. This facial oil can be used instead of a moisturiser or in conjunction with your moisturiser if you have dry skin or want that extra hydration. I've just been using this in place of my regular moisturiser as I do have fairly oily skin and didn't want to over-do it. 

Overall, I really like this product. Out of all of the products I was sent to test, I thought that the facial oil would be the one thing I really didn't get on with, having oily skin, however I found that when used instead of my moisturiser it soothed my sensitive skin and really left my skin feeling hydrated. The Radiance Facial Oil also sinks into the skin really quickly, however I have been using this for night-time use only as it is still an oil and I didn't want to worsen my shiny-face problem. 

Out of all of the products I was sent to test out, this one was my absolute favourite. The Zaza & Cruz Lip Shimmers are made using natural oils, butters and micas to richly moisturise the lips and keep them looking shiny and glossy, however, I'm not really sure why they are called 'lip shimmers' as the name suggests that this is a shimmery/glittery gloss when really they are more of a shiny creamy gloss, not that I'm complaining as I find the latter to be a lot more wearable. 

06 is a beautiful purple/fuschia colour which looks slightly scary in the tube if your not too daring with your lip colour choices, like myself, however when applied it's a lovely orchid pink colour (think Benefit Lollitint, but without the faff of a tint). This lipgloss gives your lips a really subtle shine and also leaves a tint behind on your lips once the shine has worn away so that you dont have to worry about constantly re-applying it throughout the day. If you like your lip glosses, like me, then I'd really recommend checking this one out, it's a little pricy but I don't mind paying for a non sticky formula and a beautiful colour. 

Zaza & Cruz Radiance Eye Gel | £20*

Another skincare offering from Zaza & Cruz which I was lucky enough to try out is the Radiance Eye Gel. The Radiance Eye Gel is made with chamomile, sea buckthorn and cucumber seed oil to soothe fine lines and puffiness - definitely something I need after a few too many late nights over the Christmas season! As my skin is still quite young and gets congested easily, I really like using eye products which have a gel consistency like this one as I find them a lot more cooling/soothing and they generally just work better with my skin. I really like how soothing this feels, after a long day this is just what my eyes need to calm them down and brighten them up a little. 

Zaza & Cruz Lip Polish | 

Lastly, I have also been testing out the Lip Polish in Berry. I've been wanting to try a lip scrub for a while now, after seeing everyone rave about the Lush Lip Scrubs, however they don't really do any flavours/scents which I like. Bubblegum is too sweet, I don't like mint and Popcorn is just way too much for me, so I was happy that the Zaza & Cruz offering had a lovely fruity scent. This works exactly the same as a Lush Lip Scrub, I couldn't really tell the difference between the two however this one does have a slight berry tint to it (it's ever so slight) which, depending on when you want to use it, could be a good thing. For me, I only use this at night when I can wash my face after as I'm such a messy person that I ended up with tint around the outside lines of my lips. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x


  1. The lip shimmer looks promising...can't wait to see it on you!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  2. Defiantly eyeing up that lip scrub, even just for the colour!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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