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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

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Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well, today I have a slightly different post for you today. I've wanted to talk about acne on Lipgloss & Lashes for a while now as it's something I've suffered with and I know how detrimental it can be to your self confidence, I still haven't gotten over it to this day unfortunately. However, as I've battled with it for many years, I wanted to share my story and how I managed to tame my acne. 

I developed acne very early compared to most of my friends, when I was about 12 and I'd just started High School. My school had a very strict no-makeup policy so it was pretty clear to everyone that I was the odd one out with my face covered in spots and large pores, while all of the other girls had beautiful clear skin. Being the only one for about a year, it really got me down and all I wanted to do was hide away - it affected my confidence so badly that it still hasn't recovered now. I then went on to deal with quite bad (you couldn't even see my actual skin on its worst days) acne for around 7 years before it died down a little, however it is something I do still struggle with to this day. Unless you've been through it, I don't think you really realise just how bad it is. I know it seems silly to be so affected by our skin, but I used to go home and cry when I overheard girls making comments about my skin or if they were endlessly complaining about one spot, when I had about 80 covering my entire face. I used to hate going to school discos and events as I knew I would be the odd one out. All of the girls would be all dressed up and getting loads of attention, while I was the girl that everyone laughed at (I was also quite chubby and flat chested, but thats another story). 

At the moment, my skin is pretty clear. It is in no way perfect, I still have spots, large pores and redness leftover from the acne, however it has died down and I usually only have to deal with two or 3 spots on my face at one time, so I thought I would share some tips on how I controlled my acne and gained a little of my confidence back, and hopefully this post will help some of you going through what I went through. If I can stop just one person from feeling the way I did for so many years, then all of the hours I spend on my blog will have been worth while. 

1. If you're concerned, see a Doctor

There really is no shame in going to see a Doctor about acne if you're suffering either physically or mentally, thats what they are there for. I've been going to see a Doctor (just my regular GP) about my skin for years now, and in the end it really did help me out. For the first few years I struggled through various treatments, I mean I must have tried everything, most of which either did not work, made me ill or burnt my skin, as its very sensitive, however after a couple of years I was finally put on the pill which helped to control my acne and reduce flare ups. I'm not saying that this option will be suitable for everyone, however seeing a doctor will be able to shed some light on the situation and you may be able to control it through medicine. 

2. Keep your skincare routine simple

I must have tried about every acne-fighting product out there in an effort to gain clear skin, however I've noticed that when I keep my skincare routine simple my skin reacts a lot better. I tend to exfoliate every other day with a gentle exfoliator (not one targeted at acne), use a gentle cleanser, toner and moisturiser and leave it at that. I find that when I overcomplicate my routine and pack my skin full of acne fighting products, it reacts badly and my acne flares up even worse than before. 

3. Once you've found a routine, stick to it

As frustrating as it is, most skincare products aren't instant miracle workers, so you have to give them a bit of time to really get to work on your skin. I find that now I've found a routine that works for me, sticking to it is really helping my skin to remain calm. As a beauty blogger, its easy to get sucked into trying the latest products out there, but keeping my routine the same really does help to keep acne at bay, I often find that whenever I am testing out a few new skincare products, my skin just flares up as it likes its normal routine!

4. Acne-fighting products aren't always the best

When you have acne, it's easy to get sucked into the claims that brands such as Clearasil, Clean and Clear, etc make about their products, however I find that most 'acne-fighting' products actually make mine worse. These products are often packed with acidic ingredients which strip your skin of all of its natural oils, drying it out, which in turn makes your skin produce more oil in an effort to counteract this. I also find that these products are just way too harsh, they burn my skin slightly, leaving it red and irritated, which causes my acne to flare up - not really what you want from a product claiming to do the opposite!

5. Don't dehydrate your skin

I still suffer from spots and oily skin, so I know how easy it is to strip your skin of all of its natural oils, leaving it hydrated. Often when you have acne or oily skin, it's also dehydrated. Dry and dehydrated are completely different, yet they still need to be treated. I find that using a gentle moisturising cleanser which also controls oil (Simple Foaming Face Wash is brilliant!) works best as it doesn't strip my skin making it irritated, it leaves it fresh and calm, which is what you want to get from your cleanser if you've got acne. 

6. Always wash your hands before touching your face

This one seems simple, but its something many people often forget. I'm sure I don't need to remind you about how much bacteria your hands pick up, but every time you touch your face, that then gets transferred onto your skin which can cause spots to form. Whenever I'm going to touch my face, especially my acne, I always make sure I wash my hands first. Another thing while I think about it, remember to disinfect your phone and wash your make up brushes! Those things are always pressed up against our faces and it makes me feel a little wobbly thinking of all the bacteria building up on them!

Those are all of my main tips for fighting acne, but I also thought I'd include a few products which have really helped me to clear up my skin incase you were interested:

La Roche Posay Serozinc - This spray on toner only has 3 ingredients (water, sodium chloride and zinc) so it's super gentle on your skin, but I really noticed a difference when I included this product in my skincare routine on a daily basis. It's also really good for controlling oil and shine. (Available from

REN Invisible Pores Mask - I should be an ambassador for this mask the way I go on about it! I'm on my third bottle of this and I absolutely love it. When my skin is flaring up or I've been eating a lot of bad food which is breaking me out, nothing gets rid of it like this mask. I leave it on for half an hour and then the next morning my skin is pretty much clear - it's a god send!

Simple Spot Controll Moisturiser - I swear by this stuff also, it's moisturising so it won't leave your skin feeling tight and dry, however it also contains zinc which helps to fight acne and prevent spots from forming, so it works as a method of prevention and treatment. 

I hope that sharing a bit of my story (sorry I have no pictures - it made me so self conscious that I would not be in a photo for about 4 years!) and some of the ways I treated my acne has helped at least  one person! I'd love to know your tips for fighting acne if you also suffered, so please leave them below as it might help someone reading!

Lots of Love,

Becky x x


  1. Thank you, thank you for posting this! I will definitely be sharing this.

  2. Love you for this post! I completely understand how you feel, I recently did a post on how much acne really does affect your life and confidence, it's horrible in so many ways. I've just bought the serozinc to try as well so I'm hoping to start seeing results with my new skincare regime, wish you all the very best with yours and you're still very beautiful!
    Daxidream x

  3. I totally agree that you don’t have to use products designed just for acne prone skin. I’m really happy to hear you learnt how to control your acne and it’s great your sharing your advice.

  4. This is the perfect post for me, I am stil on the hunt and hate living with acne, Sometimes it goes down but ultimately I am too scared to even run with a bare face it's humiliating :( I think I will go to see the doctor if these treatments don't work as I have tried A LOT xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. Great tips, I hadn't ever suffered with Acne before until last year, it was only small bumps under my skin which I do still get from time to time so I will ensure to bear your tips in mind if ever in need!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin' | youtube

  6. Great post! I also used to have pretty bad acne since I was 12 till about 16-17ish and it was dreadful! I can totally relate when you mentioned about girls complaining about one spot - I can remember when someone told me that having one spot was worse as it stands out more...was not a happy bunny :/ I ended up having to go to the doctors and it has fortunately died down a lot :) x

    Lizzie // xBeautyMagic // YouTube

  7. Such good tips, and you're so right about the doctor. Also its so easy when you get spots to think products will make them worse etc, and end up dehydrating your skin!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. I'm so bad about touching my face! Its top on my things to stop doing list for the year! I get so bored at work and don't notice I'm doing it!
    Allison from

  9. You are so great for posting this! I definitely related to your story. Even though my skin is a lot better than it was, I still deal with spots and redness every now and again. I appreciate you sharing your tips.

  10. Ohh it is so lovely of you to share your story with all of us! ^ u ^

  11. This is such a great post. I have suffered with acne since high school and it has been something I really can't control. I definitely agree with you about not using the acne specific products. They did nothing for my skin expect make it worse x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

  12. I can really relate to this post. I went through a terrible time with my skin. Everything I tried made it so much worse, I would try product after product. I have very sensitive skin and even things for that would not help. It made me feel so bad about myself. In the end I just used water on my skin and nothing else and since then it has been so much better. It is definitely better to use very little on your skin when it is very bad because products to treat spots just seem to be to harsh and make it worse.

  13. I've had mild acne and so can relate to a lot of what you've said. I made the mistake of thinking dry skin would dry out my spots and of course it just made it worse! xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  14. I know how much confidence it takes to do this posts so you should definitely be proud! I suffer from acne but I think I'm starting to get there. I was even brave enough to put pictures on my blog which I never thought I would do! Acne focused products definitely aren't as good as they seem, they strip my skin and leave it so so sore x

  15. I have suffered with acne for years too and I even went to the doctor getting pills and creams from them for years too
    I agree with you keeping things simple and also giving your skin chance to breath
    I have to wear makeup for my job so when I have a day off I do not wear any and my skin thanks me for it


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