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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend, I know I am! I've been so stressed these past couple of days with all of the things going on in my life at the moment, but hopefully I will have some good news to share with you all soon (fingers crossed!) and I can really get back into blogging. Recently I don't feel like I've been giving it my 'all', which really upsets me. Blogging is usually my little place to go when I'm feeling stressed, an 'outlet' if you like, but with everything going on at the moment I just haven't been able to give it the time it deserves. However, as I said, hopefully this will all be over soon and I'll get my mojo back! 

If you read my recent post all about the BD Trade Secrets range, exclusive to Tesco, then you'll know that I had a pretty bad reaction to one of their primers, so recently I've been trying a different primer from the range to see if it worked with my skin any better, and I'm pleased to say that it has. 

The 'Luminescence Silk Primer' is supposed to revive your radiance and restore your complexions vitality, while having a comforting effect on the skin. The primer is a thin clear liquid which sinks straight into your skin, there's hardly any drying time required, which I really like. I hate it when makeup just sits on your skin, which I find is the case with a lot of more silicone-y primers that I've tried. I found that when I was wearing the primer my makeup did last a lot longer, and it also helped to control my oil, which I wasn't expecting from a product that leans more towards the 'moisturising' end of the spectrum. 

The only real downside I had with this primer was that it didn't really do anything for my pores. I have huge pores left over from my acne years (which are still continuing on into adulthood!) and I usually rely on a primer to fill them in slightly and reduce the appearance of them. I wouldn't say that this primer sunk into them and enhanced them in any way, it just didn't help them, so I find that when I'm using this primer I do need to dab a little bit of something like Benefit's Porefessional across my cheeks. 

Overall I'm really impressed with this primer, especially as it's from a Supermarket brand. The primer costs £9.99 which I guess is leaning towards the higher end of the drugstore, but you do get 30ml for this and it comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pump which makes it seem slightly more luxurious. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

*Post contains PR samples


  1. I don't normally wear primer but this sounds fab x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. This brand sounds really interesting, love the sound of this primer!

    alice x | beautybyalicee | bloglovin'

  3. I feel like I cannot put foundation on without a primer and usually buy mine from Benefit, which can start getting pretty pricey. This sounds like a great alternative!

    Love Lucy x

  4. Great review, I like how you explained both the positives and negatives of this product! Seems to be a pretty good option on the cheaper end of the scale :)

  5. I always walk past the BD stand, but now I really want to try this primer now it sounds great.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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