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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello Beauties! Unless you've been living under a rock or just generally avoiding Twitter, then you'll know that last weekend Benefit launched their new mascara - Roller Lash. I recently received a sample size in my March Birchbox and although I don't usually review sample sizes (they're usually not big enough to form an opinion from), I wanted to share my opinions on this mascara as it seems to be the talk of the blogosphere at the moment. 

In case it wasn't already obvious from my previous blog posts, I'm a big fan of Benefit make up, however I've never really been a fan of their mascaras. I have quite long, thick and curly eyelashes as it is and I find that Benefits mascaras are more suited to short, straight lashes so they tend to just clump on my lashes and make them rock hard or spidery. That being said, I was still really keen to try out Roller Lash in the hope that this would be the one

Roller Lash is described as 'A Curl's Best Friend' and is supposed to curl your lashes from root to top, essentially eliminating the need for eyelash curlers. As with all Benefit products, the packaging is super cute and I really love the vintage theme of this product. The packaging shown in the pictures above aren't of the actual packaging, as I only had a sample size, but the real packing has a cute little lid that is supposed to look like a peachy pink hair roller. 

The brush was what I was really interested in with this product. The brush is quite thin and slightly curved, which is what I like to see in a mascara, and on closer inspection the spikes have little hooks which grab onto your lashes to coat them completely, lifting and curling them at the same time. However, I found that the formula of the mascara was a lot like They're Real! which I really wasn't a fan of. I find that it sets my eyelashes so they are rock hard, which if you struggle to hold a curl in your lashes, is probably a dream come true, but for me I just don't like the feeling of having crispy eyelashes. I also found that this make my eyelashes quite spiky, whereas I prefer a softer, fluttery look. However I did prefer this to They're Real! as I found that it did generally curl my lashes quite well and the formula wasn't complete torture to remove. 

Overall, I thought this mascara was okay but it really wasn't enough to convince me to buy the full size, especially at £19.50, as I much prefer some of the curling mascaras on offer at the drugstore, such as the Bourjois Volume Glamour Curl mascara. However, I do think that mascara is an extremely personal thing and if you have quite short and straight lashes then you will probably really like this product. I think it's just because my eyelashes are already quite long that they ended up looking a bit spidery unfortunately. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x


  1. I think I may do the same as you get a small travel size one. I love how the they're real makes my lashes look, but smudges horribly on me. I heard the CG bloom mascara is a good dupe for this mascara, I have a tube of it can't wait to try it out

  2. I didn't really liked They're Real either but I was surprised that I really like Roller Lash! It's a shame you couldn't get on with it but then I do agree that mascara is quite a personal thing as we all have our own preferences! :) xo

  3. I'm the same.. while I love Benefit I have never really got on with their mascaras and think they're really overpriced. It's a shame that Roller Lash didn't work too well for you, although I have seen lots of great reviews on it. I am using a MAC mascara atm and it's the best I have ever used. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  4. I've never got on with the mascaras either. I did love Benefit They're Real for a brief moment but the removal process just wasn't worth it for me. Thank you for the honest review - I love reading posts like this! Your photography is stunning too xx

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. I like it because I paid £4 for the magazine and the mascara, it's really handy for travel and I use it everyday BUT I won't be purchasing this full price as it isn't dramatically different to other ones I own, I do love benefit but get hit and miss sometimes xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  6. Shame you didn't love this one! Its nice to hear honest thoughts! x
    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. i love the travel sized one, but i'm not too sure i'll get the full sized either - i prefer volume over length so this mascara just didn't do that much for me

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

  8. That is a shame! I haven't tried this one yet but I am a big fan of their other mascaras. They work well with my lashes. Thanks for sharing your review on this one!

  9. It's such a shame that this doesn't work for you. I haven't tried it yet but loved the They're Real mascara - it worked really well with my lashes. It seems to either work really well or not at all! x

    Amy | The Perks of Being Amy

  10. I love that Elle had a sample of this & I have been enjoying this mascara. It seems to make my lashes look longer. Its my favourite Benefit Mascara.

  11. Think I'm the only one who prefers They're Real, I must just have the oddest lashes!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  12. I have a sample of this too, and although I like it I don't think I'll be buying the full size either. I also find it really difficult to remove.

    UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  13. Totally agree - I liked it but not enough to spend nearly £20 on it. I can never justify large amounts on high end mascaras as good as some of them are supposed to be I still think that there are some excellent drugstore mascaras out there.


  14. looks amazing :)

  15. I agree with you on benefit mascaras I find they make my lashes so hard and spikey and trying to take it off is just a nightmare! I think ill stick to my Loreal telescopic :)


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