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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and enjoying the beginning of Spring, even if the weather is acting like it's still winter. Rush Salons are one of my favourite places to get my hair done, they're one of the few places which only take off an inch when I ask for just one inch, instead of lopping off about 6 and they really listen to what you want, so when I heard that they had released a haircare range I couldn't wait to try it all out. Rush have released 8 products in total, all of which are fabulous and suited to a range of hair types. 

Firstly is possibly my most loved product from the range, the Rush Command & Control Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion. The Command and Control Blow Dry Lotion is a light lotion which you run through the lengths and ends of your hair (I tend to avoid my roots as products can make them go greasy) and then just style your hair as normal, it couldn't be easier but the results are amazing. I have thick curly hair which when blow dried, goes extremely frizzy and is just unmanageable, however this product make my hair sleek, soft and it stayed straight for longer - anyone who straightens very curly hair will know how hard that is to achieve! The Blow Dry Lotion is also only £6 for 200ml which is a complete bargain. 

The range also includes the Flex & Form Flexible Hold Hairspray, also £6. Anyone who knows me will know I always have a can of hairspray on my dresser to spray the front of my hair back so it doesn't fall in my eyes, and also to set my curls. In the past I've always gone for maximum hold hairspray as I believed that it was the only type which would keep my hair in place, which it did but it also made it solid as a rock and pretty crispy, which I now realise isn't a good look! Instead this offering from Rush sets your hair in place but also allows your hair move around if you want it to, which is a godsend if you want that beachy, messy curly look. 

Another product I could not be without is dry shampoo, and the Survive & Revive Dry Shampoo might just be my new favourite. For years I've always relied on Batiste despite not loving the powdery mess it creates and knowing full well that it makes my scalp itch slightly, but so far it's been the only one I've tried that's actually worked, until now. This offering from Rush is pretty amazing on second day hair, it refreshes it and absorbs oil without making it look powdery, matte or leaving you with that horrible dry shampoo feeling. It doesn't really work too well on really greasy hair, I could only get away with it for about two days, however I do have very oily hair. 

As a girl with frizzy, curly hair, one thing I'm always using is smoothing serums. Rush have recently launched their Shine & Refine Finishing Serum and for £7.50 it's pretty incredible. It's a light weight formula so it won't suck all of the volume you just spent hours blow drying into your hair, and it keeps frizz at bay for hours. You also only really need a drop or two of this so it will last forever, any more than a drop or two and you risk looking a little oily, which is a regular occurrence with these kinds of products, so definitely use this with a light hand. 

Rush have also launched the Style & Behold Texture Paste which I sadly forgot to photograph, but it comes in a little blue pot similar to the rest of the range. I'm not usually one for texturising pastes as up until recently I had long hair which they just never really did anything for. However, now I'm sporting a new shorter 'do this little pot has been a lifesaver for when I want a more messed up look, as opposed to the sleek and shiny look I usually opt for. Again, it's lightweight so it's super easy to work with and won't weigh down your hair, and it doesn't separate your hair into clumps which is what I was worried with for this product. 

I'd say one of the most exciting products from the range has to be the Silk & Gloss Multi-Use Oil. In the past I've used Moroccan Oil and Macadamia Oil (both of which are quite pricy) and this offering from Rush is just as good in my opinion. This really does help to keep my hair glossy and generally healthier, and I've also noticed that it's been growing a lot quicker recently!

Lastly, Rush have also launched two volumising products - The Lift & Defy Root Gel and the Big & Bold Volumising Spray. Again, now I have shorter hair, I'm all about adding volume whenever I can and these two products have really helped me out. The Root Gel works wonders when you dry your hair upside down and the Volumising Spray is amazing for adding volume through the lengths. Unlike some volumising products, this won't make you hair crispy when you straighten over it, nor will it weigh you hair down or make it look greasy, and for only £6 each they are a complete bargain. 

Overall, I'm seriously impressed with this range from Rush. I'm always a little skeptical when chain salons release their own hair care products but Rush are right on the money with these products, and for drugstore prices it's definitely worth picking up a few bits. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

*Post contains PR samples

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  1. This range sounds great! I had my hair cut at Rush before and loved whatever it was that they used so defo one I'm going to check out. Xo


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