Cohorted Beauty Box May 2015

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Hello Beauties! I'm back today with yet another beauty box review, I didn't really want to post two beauty box reviews in one week, as I know that could be a little annoying for those of you who hate beauty boxes, but they've been sat on my dresser for a good two weeks now waiting to be reviewed, so I thought I'd get writing while I still had the motivation to blog (something I've been struggling with recently). However, this beauty box really is something special so it really deserved a mention, and it's non other than the Cohorted May Beauty Box. 

The Cohorted beauty box service isn't like your regular Glossy Box or Birchbox subscription box, instead of signing up to the scheme and automatically receiving a box every month, you have to pre-order these each month. In fact, at the moment you have to pre-order them months in advance as they've just been SO popular - and I can certainly see why. This months box was packed with four full size products all from high end, recognisable brands, and adds up to just under £100, so you're definitely getting your money's worth! 

Michael Kors Lip Lacquer in Dame

The first thing I spotted when I opened the box was the white and gold Michael Kors packaging and let me tell you, I was excited. I opened up the packaging to reveal one of their lipsticks in the shade Dame and was immediately disappointed. Dame looked like a very dark red/berry colour and just not something I could pull off, however my disappointment was short lived as after trying the lipstick I realised that it applies quite sheer, leaving you with more of a berry shade than a deep vampy red. It really is a beautiful lipstick and something I'd never expect from a beauty box in a million years, so I think Cohorted did really well for including this. Okay, it's not really a 'summer' shade but I can definitely see myself getting a lot of wear from it later in the year. 

Dolce & Gabanna Nail Polish in 'Perfection'

Next I spotted yet another designer brand and my excitement levels increased. 'Perfection' is a light nude shade which I think makes a perfect 'everyday' shade, for when you don't really know what colour to go for. It works for every season, and is a great alternative to brights if you're not allowed them for work/school. I was pleasantly suprised with the formula of this nail polish, it dried fairly quickly, applied easily and there wasn't one hint of a streak...but I'm not sure it's all that much better than OPI, so I think I'll stick to OPI for the time being as they're a smidgen cheaper. I hadn't previously tried anything from Dolce & Gabanna due to the high price so I think it's great that the Cohorted beauty box gives you access to such high end brands at a fraction of the price, making them accessible to everyone. 

Too Faced Exotic Colours Eyeshadow in Enchanted Garden

I received one of the Too Faced Exotic Colours Eyeshadows in the April Cohorted box and absolutely love it, so I was excited to see another shade included in this month's box. The shade is a little dark for me to use on an everyday basis, but it's a great one to have for nights out when I want to create a nude smokey eye, and once again, Too Faced hit the nail on the head with their formula. Their products are fast becoming my favourites and this eyeshadow is no different, it's smooth and buttery making it a dream to blend and the little specks of sparkle are just so pretty. 

Cargo Cosmetics Vintage Escape Eyeshadow Palette

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw that Cohorted had included a whole palette in this months box. The Vintage Escape palette is essentially a neutral palette comprised of a range of matte and shimmer shades, so it's got everything you could need for everyday looks or neutral night time looks. I also really like that the palette includes an olive green colour, I think it's such a flattering shade which never gets the love it deserves, so it's nice to see it in a neutral palette. 

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this box. It blows all other beauty boxes out of the water in terms of the contents - I just wish it was a little easier to get a hold of! If you'd like to try your hand at ordering a Cohorted Beauty Box, the next month available to order is July, which you can take a look at here. 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

*Products c/o Cohorted


  1. The Cargo Eyeshadow Palette looks lovely! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. There's some pretty cool products in this beauty box! I've only ever bought one off boxes so I would defo buy one if you can do that with Cohorted. xo

  3. I really need to subscribe to this beauty box. The products always look such good quality! X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty World - A UK Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog ♥

  4. Oh wow! I love that it has full sized products. That Michael Kors lipstick is stunning!

  5. This is an amazing box. I love the contents and the variety of higher end brands. The palette looks amazing and the Michael Kors lipstick is a real bonus. x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

  6. Ohh my goodness Becky, this box is simply glorious! I don't think I have ever seen a beauty box consist of purely full sized products and all of which are quite high-end brands - think I need to pre-order myself a box and try Cohorted out! Aww Becky, so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling motivated to blog - I can totally relate! If you ever want to chat I am a very good listener :)

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


  7. I ama waiting for mine...and after seeing this I cant wait much longer!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. Wow what an amazing box! Although I wish you got to see what was in it before buying it xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

  9. Now this sounds like a beauty box I could get behind. Amazing brands, and very wearable products. I'm pretty sure the youtuber Tati is in love with that Cargo palette. It looks amazing!

    Katherine || The Green Bows


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