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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

(photo c/o Jamie Stevens Salon)

Anyone who knows me will know that I often avoid going to the hairdressers. I usually hate having to sit there while a stylist cuts and shapes my hair into a style that I will inevitably hate, and then paying a premium price for the pleasure. However, since having my hair cut shorter it's something which I can't really avoid. So when I was invited to Jamie Stevens Salon, it was an offer I couldn't refuse - and one which changed my outlook on hairdressers in general. 

The salon was set up in 2012 by Jamie Stevens, award-winning hairdresser to the stars whose team has worked on countless TV shows including The X Factor and is situated in Russell Gardens in Kensington, which is such a beautiful part of London. It's a fairly small salon, catering to about six at a time on the first floor with a further 4 chairs downstairs, which allows you to sit down with your stylist and really discuss what you want to do with your hair and get a proper consultation before the scissors come out - something which I think a lot of salons are lacking. The salon is also decorated beautifully, it's fairly minimalistic and modern, with striking monochrome interiors. 

I had my hair cut and styled by Megan, one of the senior stylists at the salon, she was friendly and approachable which made the whole experience more relaxing and a whole lot less daunting. I had the idea that I wanted my hair to be a bit like Lucy Hale's when she had it shoulder length (I've popped a picture down below) and we decided that keeping my hair shorter would be best as I often straighten my hair and growing it long usually ends in a lot of damage, so only took off about an inch. One thing which always scares me about hairdressers is that they're going to cut off about 4 inches more than you asked for (an experience I've had one too many times), but Megan really understood that I wanted to keep my hair at a similar length and wasn't too scissor happy when it came to my hair. I also had a couple of longer layers cut in to my hair to give it a bit more bounce and style before having my hair blow-dried and styled. We went for a voluminous, relaxed wave (think Julianne Hough) using the GHD Curve stylers, which are now firmly on my wish-list, before using a few styling products from the Matrix and Kerastase range.
 photo Untitled_zpsg8dhq8x3.jpg
As you can see, I'll never look anything like Lucy Hale (I went to the hairdressers, not the plastic surgeon, after all...) but I think my hair is pretty close, and it's exactly what I was after. It's now so easy to manage and style and looks effortlessly messy if I don't feel like styling it in the mornings.

Througout the whole process, it was clear that my stylist really knew her stuff. I was talked through why the layers would be a good idea and also how to style my hair in the 'undone' wavy look at home, to get a more editorial style, which was really helpful as it's a look I love but struggle to achieve without the help of an expert. 

I left the salon feeling pampered and relaxed, and for the first time in years I left a salon with hair I was 100% happy with, more than enough reason to take a trip to Kensington. If you're interested in paying the salon a visit yourself, and I highly recommend that you do, all of their prices, services and appointment bookings can be found on their website here

Lots of Love,

Becky x x

*Services c/o Jamie Stevens Salon


  1. Loved your hairdo! I'm never quite happy with my hair salon. They're hit or miss. You're lucky to have found one that suits you!


    1. Thank you :) Ah I know how you feel, its so hard to find someone you trust with your hair! xx

  2. Love the hair, you look gorgeous and the salon looks pretty too!

    Sophie x

  3. I feel the same, I don't like feeling like I'm not being listened to. But now I've finally found a salon that I always leave happy and eager to go back (:

  4. Love the hairdo =] suits you


  5. Your every bit as pretty as Lucy hale and the style suits your face shape really nice

  6. Aw it looks fab!! I love my shorter bob, its so much easier. Love this wavy look too xxx

  7. Your hair looks lovely :) really suits you. Its so hard to find a good hairdressers that listen to what you want xx

  8. Your hair looks fab, I'm going for the chop next week and I'm thinking along the same lines but maybe just a smidgen longer. I'm not gonna lie I'm slightly nervous but it's definitely time for a change!
    xxx Claire


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