Tips For Managing A Blog While At University

Sunday, 3 May 2015

I often see a lot of posts floating round the blogosphere giving advice on how to keep up blogging while also holding down a full time job, and while I think thats great, there also seems to be a distinct lack of posts targeted at University students. Everyone always seems to think that University students have it easy, and that we have all the free time in the world, but that really isn't the experience I've had at Uni. I'm currently in my fourth year at Bournemouth University, and graduate in just 4 weeks (scary stuff!) and while I've found it incredibly difficult, I've successfully managed to keep up with my posting schedule - most of the time. I've actually been in full time work before too while keeping up my blog, and while both are difficult, they both come with very different hurdles to overcome. 

The first thing which I find difficult is finding the time to blog, I actually find this a lot harder at University than I ever did while in full time work. Mainly because when you're working, you still get your weekends free to do whatever you like, but at University it's like you're constantly switched on, especially as a final year student. I find that if I take the weekend 'off' from my studies, then I feel incredibly guilty, or find that I then get behind on my work which just makes things even more stressful. One way of getting round this which I've found is to dedicate one morning a week to photography, preferably one when you're not supposed to be in a lecture! I plan my week beforehand and see where I can squeeze a morning in (after all, everyone needs some time off!) and then the night before I group together all of my products that I want to photograph and put them to one side, ready to photograph the next morning. So thats the photography taken care of, but what about writing the posts? This year I've tried to stick to a '9-5' rule for doing my assignments and reading, and although its hard, its definitely doable. So I stop working at 5, relax for a little while and do all of the other bits I need to do (mainly eating) and then in the evenings I tuck myself up in bed and get writing. 

I also like to get my posts done in advance, as this takes away any extra stress, which lets face it, you really don't need on top of Uni assignments. On the rare occasion that I have a couple of days off between assignments, I like to take one or maybe two full days and dedicate them to blogging. That way I can get a couple of posts backed up and written in my drafts for weeks when I'm particularly busy. I've found this to be a great help this year, as there's certainly been a few stressful deadlines! 

The second big problem for most student bloggers is money, or lack of it. Us students are on quite a tight budget, and it can seem like to be a successful blogger, you need all of the latest product releases and a constant supply of new products to review, but that certainly isn't the case. I've done a couple of posts on 'blogging on a budget' in the past which you can see here, here and here. In those posts I've shared loads of different ways that you can blog without spending any money, and also how you can get your blog looking pretty and professional on a budget - which has certainly come in handy this year! 

All that being said, I'm currently on the home stretch in finishing my dissertation (it's due 18th May!) so if I go a little quiet over here, thats why. I also have my final University exam just one week after my dissertation so I certainly have some stressful times ahead - if you see my having a breakdown over the next couple of weeks I promise I'm okay haha! 

I hope these tips have been helpful and good luck in your studies! 

Lots of Love,

Becky x x


  1. I started my blog while in my second year of uni and it was a great distraction from my essays, presentations and research!

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Definitely! I sometimes let it become a bit too much of a distraction though haha xx

  2. Such a great post. Had to take a little break from my blog the past couple of months for dissertation stuff but I always seem to come back to it refreshed and bursting with ideas!

    Sometimes it's key to remember that if you're in education you have to let that come first every now and then unfortunately. Fab post, wish I had your organisational skills haha!


  3. Shame I've finished uni or this would of come in handy. I didnt do the whole time managing thing very well at all though I must admit!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. As I read this, I am supposed to be writing an essay for my uni final haha! Really great tips though! I do agree that a lot of people don't do time-management posts for uni students.

    Emily | EMBUR.

  5. Great post lovely! I must admit my time management was pretty bad with uni haha. Good luck though :)

    ❤ The Jewel Beauty Blog ❤ || Fleur Fatale Review

  6. Great post! I do tend to use blogging as a distraction from work (in fact, I am doing that right now help) so although I love it, it can be a pain while studying x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries


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