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Saturday, 27 June 2015

My last favourites post seemed to go down really well, and I also really enjoyed writing it and sharing some of my most loved products/things so I thought I would start to introduce these kinds of posts on my blog a bit more frequently - let me know your thoughts in the comments below! This time I haven't stuck to just strictly beauty items, as I've been shopping for (and loving) a few more home items recently so I thought I would also start to introduce a few more of these kinds of things on my blog. So without further ado, here's what I've been loving this month...

Dune Leopard Print Ballerina Shoes | Link

I've had my eye on these Dune leopard print flats for months now, and as I am in desperate need of a good quality pair of flat shoes, my Mum kindly offered to buy me these for my birthday. My birthday isn't until the 28th July but my Primark shoes were completely falling apart so they're a bit of an early birthday present. I really struggle to find shoes that fit me well and are comfortable to wear, however I never seem to have a problem with Dune shoes so they've become my go-to shop for good quality, fashionable shoes. I've wanted a pair of leopard print flats for ages now just to wear with jeans and a white shirt, or maybe a black dress, etc as I think a printed pair of shoes can really jazz up a simple outfit. What drew me to this particular pair was the 'pony hair' look/feel of the shoes and the pretty little bow, as I think it adds something extra to the design of the shoe.

MAC Lovecloud Blusher | Link

Blusher is one of my most loved beauty products, and in my opinion, you really can't beat a MAC blusher. I've had Lovecloud in my collection for around about a year now and over the winter I didn't really show it too much love, however, now that Summer has rolled around the light pink shade and sheen that the blusher gives is perfect. It's a satin blusher, so it goes some way to illuminate the cheeks and give you a healthy glow. 

Abercrombie '8' Perfume | Link

I know I included perfume in my last 'favourites' style post but what can I say? It's a weakness. This one's actually an old favourite and has been sitting in my perfume collection for years now. I picked it up while I was in America a couple of years back as I loved the fresh and feminine scent, and now that the days are brighter and the suns peeking out, it seems to be the perfect scent. I'm not sure that this is so readily available in the UK (sorry!) but I did manage to find it on Amazon, however like all American things, it costs a little more that it should.

Nars Lipgloss in 'Orgasm' | Link

I first received this mini lipgloss this time last year while I was in America, it was one of those free gifts that you get in Sephora once you've spent so much (lets not dwell on how much I actually spent) and for the rest of my holiday I wore it non stop. It's a really pretty shimmery peach colour, but not so shimmery that you really can't pull it off which is why I love it. It's definitely more of a summer colour though, perfect for all of the sunny weather we've been having in Bournemouth recently! 

Which products are you loving at the moment?

Lots of Love,

Becky x x


  1. Ah those shoes are so gorgeous! I've been after a pair of leopard flats for ages and these could be just the ones. That mac blush is such a pretty shade too - never heard of it before but it looks lovely - so subtle.
    P.S Your photography is fab, your photos are always so on point :)

    Beth x
    Bethany Georgina

    1. Thank you Beth! The shoes are super comfy too so definitely go try them on! xx

  2. I am loving the look of that NARS lipgloss and im not usually a lipgloss person x

  3. Oh the Abercombie perfume sounds fab, I always forget about companies like that for perfumes and stuff.

    Tasha xxx

  4. Those Dune pumps are gorgeous!
    The Abercrombie fragrance is always sold out when I try to get it online :(

    Tamsyn-Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  5. Those shoes are gorgeous, I can see why you're loving them!
    Jodie xo // Jodie Loue

  6. I love leopard print flats, they look so cute!

    Sophie x

  7. Those shoes are so cute =]


  8. The Nars lipgloss looks so pretty! :)


  9. Loving the flats! I love Nars lipgloss in Orgasm and you just reminded me that I need to crack this one out again. xx


  10. I love leopard flats so much! They add such a cute pop to a plain outfit. x


  11. I'm obsessed with leopard print shoes - like you said they can really jazz up a simple outfit. I bought some cheap ones recently from Primark (just posted about them and some more shoe purchases on my blog if you fancy a peek!) xx

    Ramblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog


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