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Monday, 6 July 2015

Too Faced is one of my favourite brands at the moment. I've loved everything that I've been fortunate enough to try from the brand but there's also a whole list of things I'd still love to try, so today I thought I would put them all into a little wishlist-style post for you. When it comes to Too Faced you really can't go wrong in my eyes, the products are all of amazing quality, the packaging is to die for and they're cruelty free. 

1. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation | Link 

Too Faced newest foundation launched in the US about two weeks ago now and since then I've been lusting after it like crazy. All of the reviews describe it as having undetectable coverage, a semi-matte finish and great coverage and that plus it's supposed longevity makes it perfect for me. I've heard that this is launching in the UK towards the end of July and I can't wait, I think it will definitely have to be my payday treat! 

2. Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette | Link

The Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette has been on my wish list for well over a year now but for some reason I've never got round to picking it up (probably due to the obscene amount of palettes I already own...). I have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and a couple of their eyeshadow singles, so I know that Too Faced shadows are to die for, and the purple/mauve twist on the neutral palette is right up my street. I think this palette looks so versatile too as there's so many day and evening looks you could create with the range of shadows on offer. 

3. Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brushes | Link 

I have to admit, I mainly want these brushes because they're pink, cute and have bows on but I've also heard that they're super soft too. The name 'teddy bear hair' already suggests this (and adds to the cuteness factor) and you can never really have too many brushes in my opinion...anything to reduce the amount of time spent washing my brushes every week! 

4. Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipsticks | Link 

Again, these have been on my wish list for ages now and I only ever hear great things about these lipsticks. After swatching the whole collection on a recent shopping trip I've decided that I must own Melted Peony and Melted Nude and I'm pretty sure that they will be making their way into my collection at some point. I'm kind of hoping that Too Faced release a holiday set like they did last year where you can get a couple of shades in mini form so that I can try before I buy the full size. 

5. Too Faced Love Flush Blushers | Link 

After reading the lovely Alyson's review of these blushers over on her blog, The Beauty Vanity, I decided that I must own these blushers. It's no secret that I'm a huge blush junkie and after hearing that these are in fact, better than the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers it's no surprise that I'm on a mission to add these to my collection. After looking at the swatches I think that Love Hangover and Baby Love are my favourite, but honestly it was so hard to choose as every shade in the collection is beautiful. 

6. Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer | Link 

I technically already own this product as I got a small version of it inside one of their holiday palettes this year, however I love it so much I'd really like to get my hands on the full size version so thought that I would include it in this wish list. I'm not sure I'd really class this as a bronzer as it's kind of a bronzer/blusher/highlighter hybrid but it's perfect for adding a little flush and glow to your cheeks when you're not in the mood for using three different products. The illuminating finish also makes you look really healthy and glowy without looking shiny or greasy. 

7. Too Faced No Makeup Makeup Palette | Link 

Face palettes are my new favourite thing at the moment and this one looks just perfect. It comes with everything you need (bedsides foundation) to create a really natural looking, flawless base. Having everything in one palette is also a massive time saver for me when I'm getting ready for work in the mornings too as I don't have to go hunting around for 7 or 8 different products while I'm still half asleep. 

8. Too Faced Cocoa Contour Palette | Link 

I've wanted to purchase a contour palette for a while now, but a lot of the palettes are either just not the right colours for me (i.e too warm) or they come with around 8 different shades and I just don't need that many. I'm not a contouring pro and don't normally contour my nose, etc preferring to just stick to my cheeks and forehead so 4 shades is perfect for me. This palette also comes with a pretty light contour shade which would be perfect for me when I'm not looking for anything dramatic. Not to mention, it smells like chocolate so who can resist? 

Which brands are you currently lusting over?

Lots of Love,

Becky x x


  1. I'm dying to get my hands on the contour palette and the Love Flush blushes too!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. Melted Nude and the Contour Palette have been on my wishlist too, although I think more products are being added from this post!

    <a href="”>Sheer Beautiful</a>

  3. I have only tried one product from Too Faced & thats the Better Than Sex Mascara. Which I loved. I would love to try so many things from them - especially their heart shaped blushers - how cute do they look!

  4. I just picked up the No Makeup, Makeup Palette cannot wait to review it. I really want to try the contour kit x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  5. Loved this post! I'm such a huge fan of Too Faced but theres still so much I want to test out, their contour palette looks and sounds perfect and I'm desperate to try their new foundation too!

    Heather, PorcelainBeauty xx

  6. Your wishlist is totally pro - I am totally wanting to tick off Born This Way from my list ASAP, sounds so amazing and it's getting such rad reviews all over the interwebs already! x

  7. Love the look of the flush love blush!!

    Lauren x |

  8. All of their products look so pretty! I'm a sucker for packaging haha!

    Laura | xx

  9. I would be more than chuffed with one of each, I love Too Faced x

  10. I have melted peony and it is just amazing! I actually swatches melted nude at the weekend and loved it but didn't buy it - can't stop thinking about it so maybe I need to get it x love this post x

  11. I've been seeing these heart shaped blushers on instagram so much and they are just so adorable. I have never really tried anything from this brand before but their stuff is so amazingly packaged and looks really good to. I must give some of these a whirl xx

  12. The Boudoir Eyes palette has been on my wishlist for a while too after buying the Natural Eyes palette & loving it. Too Faced eyeshadows are so pretty xx

  13. Two Faced are a brand I have never actually tried but so many people rave about them. The melted lip products look great (but not a fan of the metallic ones). The contour palette looks so dreamy!!

  14. The brushes look so soft and pretty, I love the design! I've never bought anything from Too Faced but always swatch their product when I see them.

    Lauren xx

  15. The contour palette looks cute


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