Bourjois Air Mat Foundation Review

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Hello Beauties and Happy Halloween! I've been a little absent from the blog recently as things have gotten a little busy leading up to the end of the year, but I wanted to pop back online today to say thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post and that I won't be giving up blogging - I've put my heart and soul into this little corner of the internet and it really would be a shame to lose it all now. I think I just needed a few days off to clear my head and find inspiration again...inspiration which apparently came in the form of a pay day haul...oops! While I was feeling spendy in Boots I managed to pick up the new Bourjois Air Mat foundation in shade 01 Rose Ivory (the lightest of the bunch). 

Bourjois has long been my favourite high street makeup brand, and their foundations are a particular favourite of mine, however until now their collection of base products has definitely been more targeted towards those with dry to normal skin, which is why I was so excited to see that they had released an oil controlling foundation. I have very oily skin and most foundations just slip right off my skin, or they dehydrate it, so I was keen to put this one to the test and see how it performed. 

I'll get the negatives out of the way before moving on to what I love about the foundation, as it's always nice to finish on a high! The first thing I noticed about this foundation was the scent. The product has a very strong floral scent which I have to say, put me off a little. I'm not normally fussy about the smell of my foundation however this one is particularly strong and unappealing. Apart from the scent, the only other complaint I have is about the shade range. I know that if you're shopping for a high street foundation then the shade range won't compare to that of the luxury counters, but 'Ivory Rose' to me means that it should be pale and with pink undertones - neither of which this shade embodies. Shade 01 is way too dark for my skin, and also way too yellow toned which means that the foundation leaves an orange mask like appearance on my skin - not a good look. It's such a shame as the product is brilliant, but I can't wear it unless I've got a tan, and even then it's still too yellow! This will probably come as good news for those of you who struggle to find yellow toned foundations, but my english rose complexion just can't make it work. 

Now that the negatives are out of the way, I'll move on to the positives. The Bourjois Air Mat foundation claims to be a lightweight full coverage foundation, and I'm happy to say that it is just that. The foundation feels weightless on my skin compared to some of my other full coverage products and it really does cover everything I'd like it to, with little need for concealer - which is always a bonus when you suffer with acne scarring. The foundation also evens out my skin tone and texture really well, keeping my skin matte without making it look dry or chalky, which is something I always look for in my foundations. 

The lasting power of this foundation is also pretty good, even when I've had the foundation on all day and blotted/powdered, etc it doesn't break up on my skin, making it good for those days when you don't have time to touch up your makeup. 

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this foundation, I just wish that the shade range catered to us pale girls a little more. The Bourjois Air Mat Foundation is currently £9.99 from Boots and if you can find a shade match, I'd say it's worth every penny. 

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

Life Lately // October Update & November Goals

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and are excited for this next chapter of 2015. October has been a pretty busy month for me life-wise, so I thought I would take the time to update you all on what's been going on in my life and also share some of my goals for the month of November.

What's been going on

This month life has gotten a little busy. I've been rushed off my feet at work and been spending most of my weekends catching up with friends and family, as we're all spread across the country now. This hasn't left me with a lot of time to blog this month and honestly I've been feeling a little rubbish about my blog in general. I used to have plenty of time to blog to my hearts content, and now I feel like my content is rushed, my photos are rubbish in comparison to almost every blog out there and I can't think of any new and original content ideas - are reviews really good enough in this new blogging landscape? This weekend I seriously considered giving it all up, constantly trying to be good enough and 'fit in' within the blogging community is extremely exhausting and can't be good for me, I don't want to give up blogging as it's been a comfort blanket for me for such a long time now and I'm not really sure what I'd do without it, but it seems like everyone else is progressing on their blogging journey and I've hit a wall.

To try and refresh my blog a little bit and drag me out of my hole of self-doubt, I decided to give my blog a little redesign. I wanted something a little cleaner and I often find that a tidy-up of my layout manages to revive my love for blogging, but this time it doesn't seem to have worked. I'd love to get your thoughts on my new layout though as I'm still in the process of rejigging a few bits and bobs to make it perfect.

During October I also paid a short visit home, back to Dorset. I hadn't been home since I left for London back at the beginning of July so it was nice to go back, especially to see Travis and Bailey (my cats). As much as I love London, it was also really nice to get out of the city for a few days to somewhere that's a bit quieter.

Coming up

November is set to be an exciting month for me. This month I am finally going to graduate Uni, after officially finishing my course back in May. I'm not really too fussed about graduation now as it seems so long ago that I was actually at Uni, but it will still be nice to close off that chapter of my life and finally celebrate something I worked so hard to achieve.

The weekend of my graduation is also my Mum's 50th birthday, so this year we'll be heading back to London to celebrate. My Mum's birthday also falls on Remembrance Sunday and as we will all be in London we're planning on heading down to the official service in Westminster to pay our respects. After that, we have afternoon tea at Brown's planned. I've never been to afternoon tea so I'm excited to go and try it out - although I'm not really a fan of tea, so I'm not sure how that will go down!

This month I'll also be planning a little trip away in early December. Both me and my friend, Amy, have decided to get away for a few days and head to Munich to visit the Christmas Markets and join in the festivities. We're heading away on the first weekend in December so it will be the perfect time to get into the Christmas mood and enjoy the festive atmosphere. If any of you have ever been to Munich in December I'd love to get your advice on what's a 'must see'!

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

Birchbox October 2015 - Your box, your choice.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Hello Beauties! First of all, let me begin my apologising for the lateness of this post - I normally publish my Birchbox reviews as and when I receive them, but this month my box(es) got delivered to my parents address. This meant I had to go home and retrieve them, wait a week to take the photos in natural daylight (I never see the daylight on working days) and then edit, write and publish this review...and now here we are, almost a month later - don't let anyone tell you blogging is easy! Anyway, this month Birchbox kindly gave their subscribers a choice between two boxes - the stylist box and the back to basics box. 

The Stylist Box

The stylist box is the more colourful of the two (as the name would suggest), and has more 'creative' products I would say - more the things that are nice to have as opposed to those things which are a necessity.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was this tiny bottle of Bioderma aka the cutest bottle of makeup remover ever. I'm a big fan of Bioderma in general, however I normally use their Hydrabio range which is targeted at dehydrated skin (the one with the blue top), so I'm interested to see how the  cult favourite, sensibo range, works out for me.

The lipstick addict within me was then drawn to the 100% Pure Fruit Pigment Lip Glaze in a gorgeous pink colour. I've never tried anything fem 100% Pure, but I've heard great things about the brand from my friend Alyson, so I can't wait to give this a go - plus, the pink colour is right up my street. For a natural, organic brand, I think the packaging is classy and definitely to my taste as it's also a little girly. The product itself contains avocado and cocoa butters, meaning that as well as adding a pop of colour, it also gives you that extra hydration that you need during the winter months. 

The Stylist Box also included the No7 English Laundry scent (sample size) which is a really lovely scent. I'm not normally a fan of the perfume samples I get in subscription boxes as they're so tiny and usually smell like my gran, but this one has a lovely fresh and sweet scent and it's something I would have never tried had I not have been subscribed.

The largest item inside the Stylist box is the Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil Shower Gel by Rituals. Although this is a sample size, it's fairly large and will come in handy for overnight stays (of which I have a few planned before Christmas!). Plus, the scent is really lovely too - quite sweet and soothing without being overpowering.

Lastly, the Stylist box also contained a little sample of the Parlour Smoothing Blow Out Spray. I have extremely frizzy hair (think Hagrid on a particularly bad day) so I love trying anything which claims to smooth out my hair, plus this one smells like peaches so you really can't go wrong! As this is a sample size I'll probably keep this for when I'm on holiday but I'll definitely update you all.

The Back to Basics Box

The Back to Basics Box is definitely slightly more plain in design and slightly more classy, I'd say, and contains products which are seen to be more of an essential item instead of a 'nice to have' item.

The Back to Basics Box also contains a mini Bioderma sample, however this one is my absolute favourite of the two micellar waters - the Bioderma Hydrabio Micellar Water. I find this so soothing any hydrating and I really do notice the difference in my skin when I stop using this. I find that keeping my skin hydrated actually helps control my oil and acne, so I was over the moon to see a little sample of this included as it's perfect for when I'm off on a long weekend away.

The second product I noticed was the Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat, which is full size. I've wanted to get my hands of this for the longest time, after hearing so many wonderful things about it, and I'm happy to report that it really is a fabulous product. When I use this my nail polish dries instantly and they're left shiny and healthy looking - perfect!

The Back to Basics box also included a shampoo and conditioner duo from the Beaver Professional Hydro Range. I haven't used these yet as I'm saving them for a weekend away which I have planned, but I love hair products which claim to nourish and hydrate your hair (god knows my hair needs it!), so I'm sure I'll end up loving these too.

As I said, this box contains more 'essentials' than the Stylist box, one of them being the Regenerate Advanced Toothpaste, which claims to regenerate enamel. I'm never really too fussy when it comes to toothpaste as I normally stick to the Colgates and Sensodynes of this world, but it's always nice to try new things and again, this will come in handy for travel.

Lastly, the back to basics box also included one makeup item in the form of the Eyeko FAT Liquid Eyeliner. I'm not really an eyeliner wearer so I'm pretty sure I'll never use this, particularly as it's a thicker one, but it's nice that Birchbox also included a makeup item.

Overall, I really liked both of the boxes on offer this month and I really don't think I could pick between the two. I think both had some great products and I love that Birchbox gave their subscribers the choice this month.

Which box would you choose?

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*Thank you Birchbox for providing the products for this post.

Vichy Dermablend

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Having suffered with acne for the majority of my adult life, I've always been a fan of brands that recognise the need for sufferers to cover up. A lot of brands nowadays claim to sell full coverage products, with no real consideration as to what us girls may be trying to cover. Unless you've suffered with skin conditions such as severe acne or rosecea, you will never truly know how soul destroying it is, and the way it makes you want to hide away, your face is the first thing people see after all. One brand which is known for it's full coverage range is Vichy, with their famous Dermablend range, which I've recently been putting to the test. 

My acne has been flaring up again in recent weeks (probably due to stress and the changing climate) so I really feel like I've been able to put the range through it's paces and understand just how great (or not so great) it is at covering acne and creating that 'perfect skin' look. 

The first product I tried from the range was the 16hr Fluid Corrective Foundation, which comes in a squeezy tube - perfect for dispensing the right amount. As you can see from the swatches above, the foundation is a little bit off shade-wise for me, as it's quite yellow toned (probably to cancel out any redness), and unfortunately I just couldn't make the shade work. I decided to persevere with this anyway and imagine that the shade was the perfect match, so that I could see whether the finish and coverage worked for me. Unfortunately the finish just wasn't great on me. The foundation settled into my pores and any scars/acne that I had on my skin and left my skin looking quite cakey, despite only using a thin layer. The foundation was also quite dewy which just didn't work with my oily skin - something I found strange as this product is targeted at acne sufferers, who quite often have oily skin. The one thing I'd say that this foundation had going for it was the coverage it offered. My acne and related scarring was covered up with ease and apart from the texture of the foundation showing my acne, it was otherwise undetectable. Although this product did cover my acne, I doubt that I would repurchase the correct shade as I just hated the finish and didn't find myself reaching for it. 

As well as the foundation, I've also been testing out the 16hr Stick Corrector. Now, I almost knew that I wasn't going to get along with this product - I'm a liquid concealer girl through and through - however I still put it to the test and hoped that I would be surprised. Unfortunately, my suspicions became reality and I just couldn't make this work for me. Apart from the shade being too dark and too yellow toned (again), I found this concealer extremely hard to blend out and it was often obvious where I'd used it. Again, the coverage it gave me was brilliant, but this wasn't enough to outweigh the negatives in this case, and I honestly think there's better concealers to be had on the high street. 

Lastly, I set both the foundation and the concealer with the Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder, which is one of the extremely fine translucent powders, a lot like HD powders. I found this powder extremely hard to work with as it didn't really seem to blend in, and left my face looking chalky with a strange white cast - not a good look. I tried applying the powder with different brushes and powder puffs but with no luck, so I think I'll be sticking to the MAC and MUFE options which I love so much. 

Overall, I was left a little disappointed with Vichy Dermablend. It seems like the product range is so focussed on coverage, that other areas seem to have been overlooked, and for me base products really need to have the whole package. 

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*Thank you to Vichy for providing the products for this post. 


Love Me Beauty Box October 2015

Monday, 19 October 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend. This weekend I paid a visit home (Dorset) to see my parents and of course my cats. I haven't been home since I moved to London at the beginning of July, so it was nice to go back even for such a short amount of time. Anyway, I digress. Today I wanted to share with you all the latest Love Me Beauty Box, which landed on my doorstep a few weeks ago now - bad blogger, I know. 

This month's box didn't actually come in a box as Love Me Beauty are going through a few changes and a bit of a rebrand, receiving the product in a bag instead of a box is absolutely fine with me as honestly, I just throw the boxes away anyway which is a bit of a waste. 

The first product I revived in this month's Love Me Beauty subscription was a Lottie London Nail Polish in 'Bring Me Joy' which is a gorgeous light pink shade, perfect for a french manicure. I have yet to try this polish as I've had acrylics on recently, however I adore the shade and the packaging so I'm hoping it lives up to expectations! 

Disappointingly, I also received another nail polish in this months swag bag. Although I love both colours, and Ciate is a brand I love, I still prefer a bit of variety so having two of the same is almost disappointing. The second nail polish I received was by Ciate in the shade Pepperminty. I love pastel shades, so both of the shades included were right up my street and this dinky little polish is so cute - and rather practical, as I never finish a full size polish before it goes gloopy. 

Makeup-wise, this month I received one of the Lors & Berry Twiststick Lipsticks in Arizona, which is a stunning orange-red shade. Lord & Berry is a brand I see cropping up in beauty subscription boxes quite a lot, yet I've never tried anything from the brand so I'm looking forward to giving this a go and seeing what I think, although I have to say, the colour is definitely more summer appropriate. 

Sticking with the makeup theme, this month's subscription also included a pair of Love Me Beauty eyelash curlers. I wasn't over the moon to receive these as they aren't amazing quality and I already own a couple of pairs (mostly from boxes like this one). Unfortunately, these won't be replacing my trusty Tarte eyelash curlers, but at least they will come in handy should those ever break. 

Lastly, this month also included a skincare item in the form of the Monuspa Rosewood Reviving Mist. I'm not really a fan of these mist type products which are supposed to revive you, as I'm pretty traditional with my skincare, however this one is really refreshing and I think it will be lovely in the summertime when things get hot and sticky again.

Overall, this month's 'box' left me a little disappointed. I didn't feel like I was getting much of a bargain and there wasn't anything that really jumped out at me, but I guess that's the way it goes with these kinds of subscription boxes.

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*Thank you Love Me Beauty for providing the products in this post.

Sisley Autumn GWP Exclusively at Harrods

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Hello Beauties, I hope you're all well and enjoying your week! I'm looking forward to the weekend as this Friday I'll be heading back to Bournemouth for the weekend, as I haven't been home since I moved to London in July. I'm so excited to see little Travis and Bailey again (my cats) and have a couple of days catching up with family and of course, working on my blog. This weekend I plan on giving the ol' blog a bit of a revamp, as I don't feel that my current layout reflects where I want my blog to go - so keep your eyes peeled for some changes in the coming weeks! Anyway, enough of that...Today I have a lovely gift with purchase to share with you from Sisley, exclusively available at Harrods this Autumn. 

The gift comes in the gorgeous suede effect makeup bag, with blue animal print and gorgeous gold detailing. I never normally like the bags that come as gifts with purchase as they're always quite heavily branded, however this one is really lovely and is definitely one I'll be keeping tucked inside my handbag, in an effort to reduce the lipstick graveyard that is the bottom of my handbag. 

The majority of the products in the gift come with the Eau Du Soir scent which is a gorgeous musky, wintery scent - and the bag of course includes this adorable little sample size of the scent itself. Along with the Eau Du Soir fragrance and body products, the set also includes a couple of makeup samples such as a sachet of their Phyo-Teint Expert Foundation and Mascara So Intense which comes with a unique comb applicator. Sisley Makeup is extremely expensive, so I think it's great that the set includes a few of their best selling products from the collection. 

The gift also includes a large selection of the Sisley skincare range. All of the products included are geared towards normal to dry skin which I think is a great choice as I know a lot of us struggle with drier skin during the cold winter months. The gift includes the Lyslait Cleansing Milk which is an ultra moisturising cleaning milk which removes makeup like a dream. To follow this, the gift includes the Floral Toning Lotion and Ecological Compound for moisturising the skin. The gift also includes a few targeted skincare products such as the At Night - The Supreme Anto Ageing Eye Cream and Black Rose Precious Face Oil (although these are pretty tiny samples). 

Overall, I really like this gift with purchase. The bag it comes in is super pretty and autumnal, and the gift includes a nice range of products to help you really get a feel for the entire Sisley product range. This gift with purchase is currently available at Harrods when you spend £160 on Sisley products. 

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*Thank you to Harrods for providing the products in this post. 

Sponsored: Vichy Dermablend - Lose the Label

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

*Thank you to Vichy for sponsoring this post. 

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend. I spent my weekend catching up with old friends and also catching up with some well deserved sleep after a rather busy week at work. I'm sure most of you will have heard about my battles with acne and how it's affected me emotionally over the years, and my current battle with acne scarring, so when Vichy approached me to worn on their latest campaign I couldn't wait to get involved and help spread the word.

Vichy Dermablend’s new campaign – Lose the Label – focuses on how women can feel suddenly empowered when their skin is looking flawless. It may sound silly and superficial to anyone who hasn’t suffered with acne, severe rosacea or scarring of any kind, but it is amazing how much of an impact your skin has on your mood. If you think about it, your face is the first thing people see and is a tool we use to differentiate all of the hundreds of people we meet throughout our lives, and it’s the one thing we can’t hide away – so I think it’s great that companies are catering to those of us who have extreme problem skin, as for a long time, getting the coverage and finish we want has been out of reach.

Vichy have made a video to showcase how their products have been transforming women’s lives emotionally and features some very brave women. I say brave, because to show your acne to a world where acne is still not accepted, that’s exactly what it is.

Vichy have also kindly sent me some of their Dermablend products to test out, so a full review will be coming your way shortly! 

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

Lush Christmas Haul

Monday, 12 October 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're well and have had a lovely weekend! I spent mine catching up with various friends and eating out...a lot - It's definitely time for me to start cutting back a bit before the big eating season that is Christmas begins! Speaking of Christmas (although I am aware it's a little early), Lush have recently released this year's Christmas and Haloween collection and whilst I was in Westfield London this weekend, I couldn't help but pick up a few pieces. Lush really is the best at Christmas and I really did have to hold myself back this year. Last year I went a bit cray cray and ended up using the various bath bombs and soaps well into February, so this year I decided to just pick up my favourites (minus Snow Fairy as I still have some of last years left!). 

The first thing I picked up was the ever-so-adorable Butterbear Bath Bomb. This is essentially exactly the same as the Butterball in bear form, and since that's one of my favourites from Lush, I could hardly resist picking it up in it's cute little bear shape! The Butterbear contains shea butter and cocoa butter which melts in your bath and really helps to sooth and moisturise your skin. The bath bomb also has a lovely white chocolate smell too - yum! 

Next I picked up the So White Bath Bomb. I picked up the So White shower gel last year and while I loved the smell, I didn't really like the consistency so this year I decided to go for the bath bomb. So White is inspired by the evil which in Snow White and smells like crisp, fresh apples when it fizzes away in your bath, and being the disney fan that I am, I had to pick it up. So White may look boring to look at, but when it fizzes in your bath it suddenly turns pick and you're left with an ultra girly pink bath - not so boring after all

Lastly, I picked up my favourite Bubble Bat, The Comforter. This isn't a Christmas product but as I bought it I thought I'd include it in the haul too. The Comforter is a staple for me as it really does relax me and comfort me during the winter months, and it smells delicious too. 

Have you raided the Lush Christmas range yet?

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

Benefit Real Cheeky Party Palette | Christmas 2015

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you've all had a great week. Sorry for not posting as much this week, I've been busy with work and drinks this week so just haven't had time to sit down and write. I'm sure you'll forgive me though as today I'm back with Benefit's much anticipated Real Cheeky Party palette from their Christmas 2015 collection. October almost seems to soon to be talking about Christmas, but as I missed out on Benefits cheek palette last year, I had to snap it up while I could (and with a cheeky 10% discount at Olympia Beauty, it would have been rude not to!). 

It seems to be a recurring theme now that I have to buy a face palette from at least one brand every Christmas, and Benefit have stolen that spot from Tarte this year. The palette contains 5 full size blushers, which is perfect for a blush-aholic like me. I was a little disappointed to see that there was no Hervana in this years kit as that shade is my favourite, but other than that I'm utterly besotted with this palette. The shades are all individually beautiful, but also look great layered together, as they're so natural looking. The palette also contains a couple of mini's of their 'hero' products to help you complete your look - a mini Watts Up, They're Real! Mascara and Liner - all of which I own in full size, so I wasn't too interested in these. 

The packaging of this year's palette isn't something I would pick, as I'm not a fan of the garish neon green, and think that the sweet shoppe idea last year was much more 'Benefit', however the palette does come in a tin which I like, as it feels a lot more secure. Packaging aside, this palette is truly beautiful. 

Overall, I love this palette and I'd highly recommend picking it up sharpish if you don't want to miss out as it's selling out fast. All of my usual beauty sites are currently out of stock, however John Lewis currently have a couple left here - so act fast! 

What do you think of this year's palette?

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

Olympia Beauty 2015 Haul

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Hello Beauties! I hope you're all well and the beginning of the week has been kind to you. I've spent my week so far doing some Christmas planning which has sent me straight into the festive mood, I now can't wait for it to be Christmas, even if that is a little premature! Anyway, in yesterday's post I mentioned that I spend my Sunday at Olympia Beauty along with what seems like half of the beauty blogging community (although I didn't actually meet any of them!), and some of you mentioned on twitter that you'd like to see a haul. I was actually quite sensible this year and didn't go too crazy, as I didn't think the discounts were that good. However, it's so easy to get sucked in at these shows and just buy things for the hell of it, and there were a couple of brands I knew I really wanted to visit. 

One of the brands I had my eyes on was NYX. We can get NYX here in the UK, but it's always sold out online and you can't see the colours for yourself so I decided to take advantage of the fact that NYX had a stall at Olympia Beauty and pick up a few bits that I'd had my eye on for a while. They didn't have everything that I wanted (I really wanted some blushers and single shadows) but they had a nice selection and a lot of their 'hero' products in store. I firstly decided to pick up their HD Concealer, as I'm currently scraping what's left out of my current concealer so it was definitely time for a new one. I've only used this once, but so far I love it. The colour match is brilliant and it stays put all day. 

While I was at NYX I also managed to pick up a couple of their Butter Glosses. I already owned Elcair and Apple Strudel thanks to my lovely friend Alyson, and as I love them so much I decided to pick up a few more colours - Vanilla Cream Pie and Maple Blondie. When I got home I realised how similar they were to the two shades I already owned, but I guess that just goes to show how brilliant Alyson was at picking colours for me! Sticking on the lip theme, I also picked up two lip liners in Flower and Tangerine, as I'd heard that they were comparable to MAC. I haven't tested these out yet, but I'll report back when I've decided if that is the case. 

The last two things I picked up from NYX were some of their pearl pigments. I'm a big fan of MAC pigments, however they're so expensive and you get so much product - more than I'll ever use. So when I saw these dinky little pigments I couldn't resist picking up a few, especially for the bargain price of £3.50! I picked up Nude and Mocha, two stunning neutral shades, as I thought that these would be great for days when I'm feeling lazy as they're super pigmented and stunning when worn alone. The smaller size is much better for me too, as I actually have a hope of finishing these instead of having them sitting in my draw for ages. 

The next brand that I really wanted to see at the show was Benefit. I love their products and will take any opportunity for a bit of a discount, so couldn't miss out this time. I was a little disappointed that their discount was only 10% (something that I could have just gotten in John Lewis) and that they barely had any of their regular products there (I wanted to pick up some of their boxed blushers and the Big Easy), however they did reveal their christmas collection at the show which I did find interesting. Most of their Christmas sets didn't appeal to me this year as I really hate the neon packaging, but I really couldn't resist their Real Cheeky set. I unfortunately missed out on last years cheek set, so I knew I couldn't miss the chance to pick it up on 10% off. I won't say too much on this as I'll be posting a review later in the week, but I'm sure you can see from the photo that it's stunning. 

Lastly, I paid a little visit to Crown Brush. The Crown Brush stand was really busy when I got there but I did manage to pick up a fluffy blending brush (which is an amazing dupe for the Sigma E35) and a small angled brush which I am planning on using as an eyeliner brush. Unfortunately neither brush has the names printed on so I can't share these with you, but if you're looking for good quality brushes at low prices, I'd definitely recommend checking Crown Brush out. 

I did also pick up an anti-ageing Elemis gift set for my Mum's birthday while I was at Olympia Beauty, but I haven't photographed that as she doesn't know which set I've bought her yet! 

What did you think of my haul?

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

Discovering Tarte

Monday, 5 October 2015

Hello Beauties, I hope you're all well and had a lovely weekend! I spent all day yesterday at Olympia Beauty in Kensington browsing all of the various stalls and grabbing a bargain or two (haul to come later), so it's fair to say I'm a little bit knackered...but it's nothing a good Vampire Diaries binge in bed can't sort out. Anyway, today I wanted to introduce you all to the latest collection from tarte cosmetics to hit UK soil, Discover Tarte. 

The Discover Tarte set contains seven full size items designed to help you achieve a full face of flawless makeup, and discover the beauty benefits of tart's signature amazonian clay. Not only does the kit contain everything you need to create a full face of makeup, but it also contains all of your application tools, so you really could just grab this kit and go if you found yourself in a 'makeup on the go' situation...i.e every morning on the train to work! 

Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation & airbuki powder foundation brush

I'm not normally one for mineral powder foundations or powder foundations in general, so when I saw this product inside the kit, I assumed that I would be disappointed. However, as I normally am with these things, I was wrong - I adore this foundation. The formula really does give you that smooth airbrushed effect, as it fills in my pores and blurs most of my imperfections, although I'd say it was more of a medium coverage instead of a full cover foundation. The formula also managed to keep my skin matte without making it look flat or cakey, which isn't the easiest of tasks. The amazonian clay formulation, infused with natural light-reflecting gemstones, really helped to give me a bit of a radiance boost without making me look too shiny either - in fact, this foundation strikes the perfect balance. The colour (light beige) does run a little dark on me but it's perfect for when I've fake tanned so not all is lost with the colour match. 

The travel size kabuki brush included is not only adorable, but it also makes buffing in the foundation extremely hassle-free and really helps to achieve that flawless look. Although I love this foundation, I do think I'd love the liquid formula more, so next time I'm in the states, I'll have to pick it up. 

Limited edition eye and cheek palette & double ended brush

By far my favourite product in the set has to be the limited edition eye and cheek palette. I'm sure you're all well aware of my weakness for palettes by now, so it really should come as no shock to you that I love this one, the colours are just beautiful and the formulas are to die for. I've been a big fan of the tarte amazonian clay blushers for a while now, and this one has only confirmed my love for the product. I think the shade is stunning, as it's natural enough to be worn as an everyday blush, or to pair with an intense eye look, but it has something about it which makes it unique. The eyeshadows are also seriously pretty. I love how they're neutral enough to be worn everyday, but they're a little different from your standard browns and golds. With shimmery and matte finishes too, this palette allows you to create a plethora of makeup looks, making it perfect for travel and as an everyday essential. 

The eyeshadow palette also comes with one of tarte's double ended eyeshadow brushes, so you have everything you need application-wise. I'm not normally a fan of double ended brushes as it means I can't stack them up in my storage, however these are so seriously soft that I may have to make an exception. 

Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

This is one of the few products which I've actually tried from tarte before, but nevertheless, I was still excited to see it included in the kit as it's a brilliant mascara. My lashes are naturally quite long, which is actually a nightmare when looking for mascara. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, but most mascaras tend to either make them look spidery or clumpy - not a good look. However, this mascara manages to lengthen my lashes and give them more of a feathery false lash effect look, which is exactly what I look for in a mascara. 

Coconut Oil Lipstick in Primrose

You couldn't really have a makeup kit without a lipstick now, could you? Having never tried any lip products from tarte, I was excited to give this one a go and it didn't disappoint. I honestly don't think I've ever tried a lipstick that is so creamy and pigmented, one swipe and it's completely opaque and the hydration levels are out of this world. Unfortunately the colour isn't really something I would go for, I mean it's beautiful, but perhaps a little too bold for me. However, if you're a fan of brighter lipsticks then this one would be perfect for you. I'll definitely be picking this up in another colour though when I can!

Silk Amazonian Clay Eyeliner in Brown

I'm sure most of you will be aware that I don't really wear eyeliner (I don't half bang on about it) so I didn't think I'd really get much use from this, however since receiving the kit I've been using it non stop. I much prefer brown eyeliner to black as it suits me better and generally looks a bit more natural, so I think the dark brown colour of this liner is brilliant, and the built in sharpener is so handy. The formula however, was what really got me with this product. I've always stayed away from pencil liners as I thought that they would pull on my eyelids and generally be a bit of a nuisance, however this one glides on like a dream and smokes out brilliantly.

Overall, I adore this kit and all of the products inside, which is pretty bad news for my bank balance as I now want to buy all of the makeup. The beautiful Discover Tarte kit is now available (in the UK!) on QVC for a bargain price of £39.72 on air or £51 online, so I'd grab it at it's introductory price while you can!

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*Post contains PR samples

Ari by Ariana Grande

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hello Beauties! Apparently I've gone a little fragrance mad recently, as today I'm back with yet another fragrance - Ari by Ariana Grande. I wouldn't normally post two fragrance reviews in one week, however I've been mixing up my perfume stash for the upcoming autumn season so thought I would share with you some of the new ones I've been trying.

Ari by Ariana Grande is the first fragrance from the teen pop sensation and it's everything you'd expect from her. Cute, sweet, girly and perfect for teens and young adults. The bottle is a peachy pink colour with rose gold details, and most notably, a giant fluffy pom pom attached to it. Now, I'm all for a bit of faux fur and god knows I love a pom pom, but even I think this one is slightly excessive. I think the pom pom design would be cute if it was just a tad smaller, but with it being the same size as the bottle, it's a little annoying and just way too big. Other than the larger than life pom pom, I think the bottle is cute and embodies Ariana's style perfectly.

Ari has top notes of crispy pear, pink grapefruit and juicy raspberry, a hear of soft muguet, rose buds and vanilla, and base notes of marshmallow, creamy musk and blonde woods, making it a sweet and feminine scent with floral notes. In all honesty, this fragrance is a little too sweet for me to wear on a daily basis, but for days when I'm looking for something a little sweeter or for use in the evening, it's perfect.

Ari by Ariana Grande is available from The Perfume Shop for £23, which I don't think is a bad price at all, making it perfect for the younger audience who may be just starting to get into wearing perfume.

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*Post contains PR samples
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