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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

 Hello Beauties, I hope you're all well and looking forward to the big day! Now that Christmas Day is only two days away (eek!) I thought I'd take part in a festive post created by Becky from Milk Bubble Tea.

1.Favourite Christmas smell / scent ?
I'm not really a Christmas smell kind of person, a lot of festive candles are 'Christmas Spice' or cinnamon scented and I hate both of those scents, so I'd have to say either the sweeter smells around at this time of year, or the smell of the roast potatoes cooking!
2. Gingerbread or Candy canes?
100% Candy canes, I hate gingerbread and always have (no matter how cute it looks!) so this one was a pretty obvious one for me!
3. Is your tree real or fake?
Our tree is fake, we have two cats and a puppy so we've always had a fake one just so they don't treat on any of the pine needles. A fake tree also means that you can have it up for longer as it's not going to die! When I own my own flat I definitely want one of the snow dusted fake trees though - maybe in a couple of years time, who knows!
4. Quality street or Roses?
It has to be Quality Street, those toffee pennies are to die for - they've always been my favourite!
5. Do you dress up or down on December 25th?
I like to dress up a little on Christmas Day, nothing too fancy as it's normally just me and my family but I do like to feel like I've made an effort - I normally wear something I've just unwrapped. 
6. Do you have any specific festive traditions?
When me and my brother were younger we had tonnes of festive traditions, but as I've gotten older and moved around a lot some of those have faded away, but to this day, we still all have to eat one sprout each year before we leave the table!
7. Any embarrassing Christmas moments that come to mind?
I can't think of too many, but there's bound to be some stupid things I've said after one too many Baileys!

8. Do you wake up early or late on Christmas morning?
Even now I still wake up early on Christmas Day and wait in my room until a sensible time, I think last year I woke up at 5.30am! This year I'm hoping that the puppy will wake everyone up early though so I can use him as an excuse to be up that early!
9. If you had a stocking where did you hang them?
We don't have stockings anymore, but when I was younger they would always be hung on our doors. Then when we woke up at 5am we'd have something to play with until my parents woke up. 
10. Favourite festive film/s?
I love all of the cheesy festive films they play on channels like Christmas 24 and Sky Christmas. Me and my Mum sit and watch them every year, she even text me this year to let me know she was watching one! Other than that, I love The Holiday and Love Actually. 
11. Was there a present you always asked for as a child but never received?
I can't think of anything I asked for each year as a child...probably a new kitten or a puppy! Needless to say, my list was extensive as a child!
12. What was the best gift you received  as a child?
I received a lot of lovely gifts as a child, but I think my favourite was my first mobile phone when I was 13. I'd been asking for one for a while as everyone at school had one, so I was so excited to finally have my own - it was a little flip top Samsung!
13. What is on top of your Christmas tree?
We have an angel on top of our Christmas tree, and it's still the same one I had as a child. It's looking a little wonky now so we all joke that they angel has had one too many!
14. Favourite festive food?
My favourite festive food has got to be roast potatoes in gravy. I know they aren't technically festive as we have them all year, but they're definitely my favourite - that and pigs in blankets! 
15. Favourite Christmas activity?
My favourite Christmas activity is Christmas shopping, no matter how stressful it is. I love shopping and selecting gifts for others way more than I do receiving them and I love to wrap them up all nicely and put them under the tree!

Lots of Love,
Becky xo


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