Love Me Beauty Box | March 2016

Monday, 14 March 2016

Hello Beauties! One of my favourite things about the start of a new month (excluding pay day) is the arrival of my beauty subscription boxes, and March was a particularly great month as Love Me Beauty have truly outdone themselves. This month, Love Me Beauty have collaborated with Rodial to offer their subscribers a mini introduction to the brand and being a big lover of the brand, I'm overjoyed. 

Unlike other beauty subscription boxes, Love Me Beauty lets you choose your own products using your points also also allows you to pick from a monthly menu so that it guarantees you'll receive something suitable for you, which I find especially useful when it comes to receiving skincare. 

Rodial Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Moisturiser 

Having tried the Dragon's Blood range previously and falling in love with the cooling eye masks, I was thrilled to receive the moisturiser from the range. Dragon's Blood is a thick red sap which is said to resemble blood (don't worry, the moisturiser is a regular cream!) and is an ingredient designed to smooth, plump, hydrate and firm the skin. I actually found this to be a little too thick at the moment, but I just know it'll work a treat when my skin is a little drier. 

Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Cleanser

This 2-in-1 cleanser and mask contains a potent mix of 'super-food' ingredients, such as rose hip seed oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil, to help restore dry and dehydrated skin back to it's former self. As I've never really been a fan of more balm-like cleansers, I didn't expect too much from this but I was oh so wrong. The formula has really turned my dehydrated skin around and also helped with it's dull appearance of late, without leaving any kind of residue behind or breaking me out, which is practically unheard of. In fact, I love this cleanser so much that I've completely ran out of the sample size and am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of my full size tub which I've just ordered online! 

Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Glam Balm

This multi-purpose balm claims to be ultra plumping and offers intense hydration to the areas you feel need it most. After falling hook, line and sinker for the accompanying cleanser, I expected a similar story with the glam balm, however these kind of thick balms really don't work for my skin and this one was no different. However if you're into this kind of thing then I'd definitely recommend giving it a go as the ingredients  are to die for. 

Malin + Gotez Clarifying Clay Mask

I'm a huge fan of clay masks as I do suffer with oily, acne-prone skin, so I was so happy to see this little guy sitting at the bottom of my box. The mask is incredibly refreshing and contains kaolin clay to absorb oils, so I'd really recommend this to any fellow oily skinned girls looking to really deep clean their pores. 

Caitlin Extreme Matte Tint

Caitlin is a brand I've only ever really heard of through Love Me Beauty, which I think is great as I can never get enough of new up and coming beauty brands! Unfortunately the matte tint I received is a colour I just can't pull off (it's a very dark brown toned nude) but the formula is incredible. I'd say this was definitely more of a matte lipstick as the pigment is so opaque and the lasting power is out of this world, so much so that I really had to scrub this to remove it! 

Popband London Hair Bobble

This may sound odd, but recently I've really been getting into these types of hair bobbles that claim to leave your hair kink free. I tend to straighten my hair at night so that I can just brush it through in the morning (anything for an extra half an hour in bed!) and I can completely vouch for Popband. When I woke up and pulled the bobble out, my hair was completely crease free and it didn't snag at all - perfect for girls like me! I do have to say though, the Primark 'invisibobble' dupes work just as well as this and you get around 10 for £ something to consider! 

What do you think of this month's box?

Lots of Love,

Becky xo 

*post contains pr samples


  1. I'm slowly making my way through the beauty subscription boxes and haven't tried Love Me Beauty as yet so am going to have a look on their website just now, such a great selection of skincare included in your box.

  2. I've never even heard of this beauty subscription box but I'm definitely going to look into them now - this looks amazing! Such great sized products too and I love how you can choose what to get!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. This is such an amazing box and so much choice as well!

    Parie x

  4. I tried the Dragon's Blood moisturizer, but the one that came in a jar. Would love to try this one as well!

  5. i do the exact same thing, i dont wanna be fussing over my hair in the morning :p those bands sound cool!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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