Co Lab Dry Shampoo: Original & Active

Monday, 30 May 2016

When it comes to dry shampoo, I've tried the lot - they've either been too powdery, itched my scalp or they just haven't worked, so when I was given the opportunity to try the new Co Lab active dry shampoo, along with their original formula, I jumped at the chance, hoping that I'd found my go-to can.

As you probably already know, Co Lab is the brain child of fellow beauty blogger Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends. Up until this point, I'd put off buying anything from the Co Lab range, mainly due to the fact that I had a huge collection of Batiste to use up before I went out and bought anymore, but also because I wasn't too sure that I could believe the hype surrounding these dry shampoos when they first launched. It's natural for us bloggers to want each other to succeed (or, at least it is for me) and that can sometimes mean that we see other blogger's products through rose tinted glasses, however, these dry shampoos deserve all of the hype they received and continue to receive. 

The Co Lab dry shampoo comes in two ranges - the sheer invisible and the extra volume - I've only tried the sheer invisible so I can only vouch for that side of the range, however I've heard excellent things about the extra volume range. Unlike other dry shampoos, the Co Lab sheer invisible original leaves no white traces at all, is super fine in texture so it doesn't leave your hair with that horrible matted feeling that other products can, and it offers enough root lift to add a little bit of volume without looking too 'done'.

Also, Co Lab has just launched an 'active' version in time for summer. Complete with all of the great things the original has to offer, the active version also comes with added conditioning and uv protection, perfect for girls on the go, and definitely perfect for your summer holidays. As someone who always manages to burn my parting, this will definitely come in handy this summer. 

The only other thing to mention would be the scent, unlike other brands who tend to go for the talc-like sweet scents which are all-together a little bit sickly, both the original and active versions of this dry shampoo smell fresh and clean, like you've just washed your hair. The original formula also comes in a couple of different scents themed around cities of the world which I've heard smells amazing - so I can't wait to try them. 

Have you tried Co Lab?

Lots of Love,

Becky xo

*post contains pr samples


  1. Oh wow I didn't know you could get UV protection for your scalp! This will be perfect for my holiday cause I ALWAYS burn. I haven't tried this brand before if I'm honest, but I'll have to grab some soon!


  2. I'm a big fan of the Co-Lab dry shampoos, especially the extreme volume range - I fancy picking up the active one for summer time!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I am yet to try Colab but always hear good things so my hopes are very high!

    Parie x

  4. I love these dry shampoos as they do the job and smell lushhhh.

    Sophie x

  5. ive never tried but im like the sound of the scent. I hate dry shampoos and their weird smells. Never quite worked on me so I'd love to try these
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  6. oh my gosh I NEED to try this. I normally go for the volume ones so I really do think you should try them as they are amazing. They do sometime make the hair feel a little heavy and tacky but only if you put too much in. Going to add the active range to my collection next time I hit super drug :)

    Hannah xxx

  7. Ooh will have to give the Active one a try! xx


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